For long, France has been the destination that countries from all over the world would look up to for various achievements. Of course, there is that fearless French spirit that led them to renounce the monarchy, but that’s a topic for another time. Instead, we are taking about art, fashion, music, literature, architecture. These are the fields that France have advanced and set the bar for the rest of the industry. However… when it comes to spa, France doesn’t really come up that often. Of course, French products are known and used throughout the world, but when it comes to the experience itself, we daresay, there are a number of other destinations that have managed to build their reputation entirely on that.

However, that is changing. And while the travelers of the world were busy planning their sightseeing tours to such and such landmarks or museums, France, and especially Paris, has been discreetly curating its own offering of some of the best spa experiences available out there. And today, we’re letting you in on that secret.

These are the best spa experiences in Paris… And we’ve even got a surprise for you at the end!

The Ritz Club Paris at the Ritz Paris

We are beginning our list with an obvious one; a classic! The Ritz is, inarguably, the name that epitomizes excellence in the hotel industry, so is it really a surprise that its spa is nothing less than excellent?

The Ritz Club Paris likes to keep things simple. You won’t find any exotic décor or groundbreaking architecture here. The hotel made sure that the spa interiors were a smooth transition from the rest of the establishment. Expect flushed crème walls and elegant cast-iron railings guiding you from one area to another, where you can enjoy the extensive –and we really mean extensive- massage menu, a day of being pampered at the David Mallet beauty salon, or down the grand staircase to the pool.

And that is where we really fell in love with the Ritz Club Spa. The spectacular swimming pool is grand, and the first impression is like stepping into some ancient Roman castle, with mezzanines and columns and a gorgeous mosaic of mermaids at the bottom of the turquoise water.

Le Spa at the Four Seasons Hôtel George V, Paris

Next up, we couldn’t resist putting the stunning spa of the George V on this list. Lartisien and Four Seasons go back many years, and that’s because we have always been able to count on them to deliver their absolute best for the delight of our guests.

With the George V, the Four Seasons continued to keep its promise, and the spa experience is certainly one of our favorites! Though the pool may not be as big as the Ritz’s, it is every bit as beautiful, with some gorgeous tile work and extremely comfortable poolside loungers. However, where Le Spa truly shines is the service. In hushed tones and with a pleasant smile, the therapists will walk you through the experience, and within those eggshell walls of delicate patterns, you will be able to choose from a long list of signature treatments that includes massages like “The George V Escape by Dr Burgener Switzerland”, which focuses on detoxification and de-ageing. The treatment even ends with champagne and macarons!

If that’s not a delectable spa experience…

Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie at Le Bristol Paris

For our final Paris spa, we wanted something a little special, something that immediately wows you without you even realizing, and there was no better option than Le Bristol Paris.

Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie is true to its name. From your first step in, you will be embraced by the fragrance of fresh flowers from the garden and bathed in sunlight from all sides – something that isn’t typical of most spas, which are usually more isolated and cut off from the world. At La Prairie, even the treatment rooms are decorated to look like a meadow on a summer day, with gorgeous wallpapers and fresh flowers, and aromatic products from Tata Harper.

However, what we believe truly allows Le Bristol to stand out as one of the most unique spa destinations in Paris is the swimming pool. The whole place feels like the pool on the deck of a boat, complete with a wooden parquet and large windows letting in plenty of light and sights of the Paris skyline. It really took our breath away.

But wait… we have one more address for you. And that one is the very definition of special and unique.

The Valmont Spa at Airelles, Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle

Now, we know we said the French were smart for getting rid of the monarchy, however, it is undeniable that architecture during the time of Kings and Queens was something else. And Château de Versailles is no exception.

When Airelles took over Le Grand Contrôle and transformed it into what is essentially the most exclusive and luxurious hotel in all of France, it only made sense that the spa would be something equally special. And indeed, it is. Not only did Airelles manage to secure the prestigious Valmont brand as its partner – making sure that guests would be benefit from only the best of products for treatments such as the Miroir Majesteux beauty treatment or the Roi Soleil massage – they went all out for the décor and atmosphere.

The common areas and the treatments are a throwback to the past with period furniture and warm lighting to keep the mood – the relaxation room where you can relish the special delicacies after your treatment is worth a special mention.

However, the pool (and we bet you were expecting this!) was simply decadent. Picture black and white checked floors, heavy marble and stone busts, brass light fixtures adorning the refined red brick walls and period sofas and chairs by the pool, and just above the pool, a golden chandelier.

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