3 addresses to experience nature like never before


One of the things that we, at Lartisien, are passionate about is the kind of experience that truly calls out to the inner most parts of us. For some of us, it is the immense beauty of what mankind is able to create when people come together, and for others, it is the untouched, unperturbed gift that Mother Earth has already given us. Nature can be overwhelming and scary, but if you know where you are going and if you trust those who have spent their lives in these mystical environments, then you can be sure that you are in for a life-changing experience.

Ivan and Rouslan have visited hotels and destinations from all over the world, but each time they come back from one of these destinations that allowed them to deeply connect with the surrounding nature, it was obvious that this was the reason why we do what we do.


Scattered across the gorgeous Nui Chua National Park and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with vistas of the Vietnam’s coastline and verdant nature, Amanoi feels like what co-habiting with nature is all about.

Every villa, pavilion, and residence – picture wood beams and glass walls, and stone exterior reminiscent of ancient temples that one would normally see in this kind of idyllic setting- cascade the hills of Vinh Hy Bay, with only the terraces and roofs sprouting from the surrounding by nature, providing their occupants an unbelievable about of privacy, but more importantly, a direct connection with nature. Imagine waking up to the natural light that come pouring in through those large, latticed windows, or having your lunch outside, open to the breathtaking views of rocks and greenery, to the songs of the birds and the swooshes of monkeys jumping from branch to branch, to the wind that races across the waves and through the leaves…

You do not merely stand as an observer, but you are given the opportunity to completely immerse yourself into the experience, to let nature take over your senses.

The Datai Langkawi

For our next hotel au naturel, we are taking you to a magnificent resort at the heart of a 10-million-year-old virgin rainforest. You read that right! You are now in the middle of primordial forces of the Earth, and the feeling of being just a speck of dust in the infinite grandeur of the world has never been so scary… and exhilarating!

The philosophy of the Datai is to let the setting speak for itself. Here, the accommodations and the common areas may seem at first place austere, though that doesn’t mean a lack of luxury, not at all! The villas are still excellent accommodations of stone and wood, with all the comfort in the world, but their greatest asset is how open they are to surrounding nature. The line between hotel and nature is almost non-existent as the surrounding greenery make their way around your pool deck and terraces, with the occasional curious dusky leaf monkey peaking from behind the branches onto the strange new hairless primates in their midst!

And as if the 46 acres of rainforest weren’t enough, the private footpath of the hotel leads directly to picturesque Datai Bay, curving around a deep turquoise lagoon, and whatever mystical thing lies beyond it.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

And last, but certainly not least, our final resort takes us to the East Vietnam Sea, to the paradise-like Ninh Van Bay. Surrounded by vertiginous rock formations and mountains, with views over a sprawling white-sand beach, the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay wants you to feel like you’ve got the whole world to yourself.

Accessible only by boat, the resort welcomes you to a setting that immediately brings to mind images of Robinson Crusoe -even though the thatched wooden villas are breathtakingly beautiful and spacious, with private pools that are carved into the boulders, and much more luxury that one would ever need in such a location- the feeling is one of simplicity, almost. The atmosphere is rustic, healthy, profoundly human. You are unlikely to ever feel the need to switch on the TV at the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, for the views and the experiences are enough to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

If you aren’t relishing the delicious cuisine with ingredients that were grown right there, from the kitchen gardens, then you are probably enjoying a Vietnamese bamboo massage at the spa, or better, taking a hike in the forest to come across the evasive Langurs.

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