The 5 brand new additions we made to the Lartisien Collection in March!


It’s been said many times. With each trip that brothers Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien take, or the Partnership team, the Lartisien Collection evolves. Hotels that no longer meet the standards of excellence we set for ourselves are removed and new addresses offering something new – or unique – are invited to join the Collection.

In the past month, we added 5 such properties to our portfolio, each a brand new outlook on the destination they call home. There is Villa Igiea on the Palermo shoreline, once the home of the influential Florio family, and the much anticipated Rosewood Villa Magna. Across the Atlantic, we also have Casa Cipriani New York joining the Collection… a hotel that truly feels like a private, members-only club. Join us on a tour of the latest additions to our Collection and discover why we invited them to join us in the first place.

Villa Igiea

Visited in October 2021 by the Partnership team, Villa Igiea joins the Collection for being this brand new Rocco Forte hotel that offers a different experience of Palermo and Sicily. The hotel, built at the height of the Belle Époque, is a nonpareil palazzo, reimagined by Olga Polizzi to use every bit of its historical legacy but with the kind of inviting interiors that the hotel group is known for. Villa Igiea also enjoys a superb location on the Tyrrhenian coastline while still being just a short drive away from the Palermo city center.

The absolute highlight of Villa Igiea: It’s a brand new Rocco Forte hotel, housed in a historic Art Nouveau palazzo!

Rosewood Villa Magna

An anticipated opening for a while now, Rosewood Villa Magna joins the Lartisien Collection following our visit there in November last year. The partnership team found the hotel to be a breath of fresh air, and Madrid’s absolute best venue for a meal or a drink. The hotel’s entire ground floor was imagined as a sort of social hub where locals can gather around the many F&B outlets.

There is the incredible afternoon tea at Flor y Nata, and the electric atmosphere at Las Brasas de Castellana with its open-kitchen. Together, these different spaces and culinary experiences create a sense of escapism despite the hotel sitting right on Madrid’s famous Paseo de la Castellana.

The absolute highlight of Rosewood Villa Magna: How the entire ground floor has been designed like a sort of social hub with a diverse selection of restaurants and bars for every taste!

One&Only Portonovi

One&Only is a hotel group known for choosing destinations that combine natural beauty and cultural charm. One&Only Portonovi is no different. The Partnership team found the hotel to have a spectacular setting on the Boka Bay’ coastline… a location that not only means breathtaking views but also the possibility to explore all the different places around Montenegro’s Adriatic Sea by boat.

The hotel is also one with an architecture reminiscent of grand Italian palaces, with arched windows and stone colonnades, and terracotta roofs extending over palm-filled gardens. One of the favourite spots of the Partnership team was definitely the Tapasake Club area. It makes for the vibrant heart of the hotel, and a dreamy setting from which to experience the Adriatic Riviera.

The absolute highlight of One&Only Portonovi: The rooms, all designed around a central fireplace that links the bedroom, bathroom and veranda. The setting makes for a magical atmosphere in the evening.

The St. Regis Venice

The St. Regis Venice has been on our radar for over a year… ever since brothers Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien were in Venice in 2020. The hotel joins our Collection for its unique outlook on La Serenissima… like how the hotel sits across the Grand Canal from the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute and San Giorgio Maggiore so the location is one of the absolute bests.

Inside, the décor is also strictly in a palette of subtle colors, reminiscent of the hues of the lagoon city itself. A coup de coeur of the brothers was how much of the hotel spills out onto terraces, feeling like an open invitation to an immersion in the streets of Venice.

The absolute highlight of The St. Regis Venice: The breathtaking views from the hotel’s many terraces!

Casa Cipriani New York

And finally, another hotel that’s been the talk of the town for a while now is Casa Cipriani New York and the hotel joins our Collection for its unique and enchanting atmosphere of a true private members club.

The hotel also sits in Lower Manhattan, in one of the city’s last remaining Beaux-Arts style ferry terminals, and it’s a different experience of New York. The hotel was visited by Rouslan Lartisien during the brothers’ last trip to The Big Apple and he found the hotel’s waterfront position on the East River to be just so nostalgic, reminiscent of the days of Harry’s Bar in Venice… something that Casa Cipriani also attempted to recreate at its own Club Bar with a setting that’s a portal to the glamour of the thirties.

The absolute highlight of Casa Cipriani New York: The fantastic designs by French architect Thierry Despont making for, perhaps, the most exclusive and stylish hotel to join the New York hospitality scene in a while!

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