Lartisien’s top destinations to enjoy springtime!


You know that first time you utter the words “Feeling a little hot, isn’t it?”, while removing your scarf, and looking around the room to see if anyone else is feeling the same way? That’s the first sign that spring is here! Indeed, winter is officially over, and soon we’ll be able to appreciate the little things that winter kept away from us for three long months! So, we couldn’t resist but compile a list of our favorite destinations that simply come alive when spring shows itself!

From the cultural streets of walkable London to the pastoral landscapes of Italy and the effervescent neighborhoods of Spain and Mexico, here are our top picks for where to travel to this spring!


Britain’s capital may have the reputation of being a little moody, with constant rain falling over Victorian roofs, and people walking around, in a hurry to get their hands around a “cuppa”… but come springtime, sunrays make their way through those heavy clouds and you discover a facet of the city that’s bursting with vibrant colors and history.

During their visit to London last November, Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien also discovered a side of the city that only shows itself to those who look for it. And now that the weather is a bit better, it’s time you did too and we invite you to the streets of Shoreditch to gaze at the breathtaking murals in the company rebellious artists, and to the historic Chelsea Physic Garden and its acres of splendid specimens to learn about the art of flower design, or even to delve into the more obscure history of the city’s quirkiest museums!

Where to stay: Corinthia Hotel London


Our next destination kicks things up a notch, where spring is nothing but the opening act for summer! Now, we know Spain is a big country, but don’t worry, the Lartisien brothers know just where to go to make the most of the awesome weather!

Once you’re done touring Madrid – because that’s a must-do for everyone visiting Spain – one of Rouslan’s favorite things to do is head down to the south of Spain, to Andalusia! First stop is Costa del Sol for a complete change of scenery. The county is known for its luxurious lifestyle… picture fiery red Ferraris parked out in the marina in front of catamarans and opposite a Rolex showroom, and stylish women walking around with their chihuahuas, and to get the gist of it, take a walk in Puerto Banus Marina in Marbella.

For the next destination, Ivan can’t recommend Seville enough! The capital of Andalusia seems to be the perfect city to enjoy the sun. The Moorish architecture comes to life, with the earthy tones becoming more vibrant, and the people pouring out into the squares and boulevards to perform music and dances, or simply hang out. For Ivan, the best thing to do is a little walk around Plaza de Espana.

Where to stay in Costa del Sol: Marbella Club

Where to stay in Seville: Hotel Alfonso XIII, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Lake Como

For our next destination, we have one of the most romantic places in Italy… Lake Como, of course.

For those who want to feel like the protagonist of some epic Shakespearean romance, Villa d’Este is the place to go. A gorgeous Renaissance property from the 1870s, surrounded by a 25-acre garden, make the most of spring by exploring the estate, having a picnic in nature, or even taking a dip in the floating pool… which is right over the lake itself.


And finally, the brothers’ last destination to go to enjoy spring Mexico… more specifically two hotels that offer completely different experiences of the culture of Mexico.

First, we head to the shores of the Mayan Riviera where Hotel Esencia is that perfect marriage between rustic aesthetics and contemporary comfort, allowing you to make the most of the sun and the sea of Mexico! There is just something about the way this hotel overlooks the jungle and the beach that called out to Ivan and Rouslan during their visit there.

In contrast, this second hotel is one that gives a real sense of Mexico’s deep colonial heritage and history. Welcome to the Rosewood San Miguel de Allende. Located in the central highlands, in Guanajuato, the hotel is absolute eye-candy, whether it’s the striking red exteriors or the colonial-inspired interiors. Though one of the best times Ivan and Rouslan had at the hotel was when they went to the gorgeous 1826 Tequila Bar. The Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar also offers one of the most magnificent vistas of the town under the clear indigo sky.

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