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One of the defining traits of Lartisien is our human touch, and there is nothing more human than the need for change. We know that our travelers are always on the lookout for something new and different, which is why one of our promises is to keep looking for those unique addresses – and destinations – that offer more real and more intense experiences. Each new address is personally curated by brothers Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien themselves, and this is the complete list of new hotels that have been invited to join the Lartisien Collection in February.

Bvlgari Hotel Paris

We begin at home, where Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien visited one of the most anticipated hotels for a number of years now, the Bvlgari Hotel Paris. The hotel might sit on the iconic Avenue George V, joining the ranks of so many Grand Dames and important brands, but the Bvlgari Hotel Paris is nothing if not an ambassador of Italian style.

Partnering with its usual choice of architects and designers from back home, the fashion powerhouse offers a luxury hotel experience with a private, almost residential feel, and a thoroughly contemporary style. One of the things that absolutely took their breath away was the penthouse, which is undoubtedly one of the best in town, looking like some suspended garden from a fairy tale. Add to this the cuisine of Niko Romito at the Il Ristorante, and you’ve got a slice of Italy right at the heart of Paris.

The Maybourne Riviera

Taking you to the South of France, this next hotel was a coup-de-coeur for our co-founder Rouslan Lartisien who traveled to the village of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin to see just how impressive the new hotel truly was! However, just from the drive up to the Maybourne, seeing it nestled at the top of the cliff against the clear blue sky, like some monument from a utopian fantasy, it was evident that there was something special about this new address! The Maybourne Riviera is the legendary Jean-Michel Wilmotte’s latest masterpiece, sitting on a rocky peninsula with panoramic views of Monaco and the French Riviera. With a unique architecture, one of crisscrossed lines and floor-to-ceiling glass that seems to emerge from the cliff itself, the Maybourne offers a unique experience of the Riviera, bringing futuristic aesthetics to a place that is profoundly rustic and romantic.

The Carlton Tower Jumeirah

Jumping across the pond to good, old England, brothers Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien visited the The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, during their trip to London last September. From the beginning, it was clear that the brand had spent its £100 million renovation wisely. Offering bigger rooms with gorgeous views over the city, revamped restaurants, including the excellent Italian outpost, Al Mare, it was the surreal attention to detail that truly impressed the brothers during their stay: be it the refreshed, more pared-back décor, the often-under appreciate uniform staff, in keeping with the codes of elegant British tailoring, or even something as specific as each guests getting their cards with their initials engraved on it, which really help to make the clients feel special and pampered. All little details, but that show how much work Jumeirah puts into making sure that the experience feel seamless. However, the lavishness and elegance of the hotel still reminded the brothers of the Jumeirah identity that they are so used to in the Emirates, and is what allows The Carlton Tower Jumeirah to stand out even more.

Four Seasons Hotel Madrid

Leaving for the sun and deep blue sky of Spain, this hotel was invited to join the Collection for its unique heritage, and electrifying atmosphere. The Four Seasons Hotel Madrid sits just a few steps from one of the busiest squares of the city, breathing new life into seven historical buildings that once served as various bank HQs and important offices, stitched together to form the dynamic Centro Canalejas. The result is a hotel unlike any other Four Seasons address, forgoing corporate homogeneity for more style and personality.

Ivan and Rouslan particularly loved the hotel’s restaurants and bars, especially the rooftop brasserie Dani, which is one of the absolute best places to just sit back and enjoy gorgeous views over Madrid; the kind of slow-paced, meditative experience they are fond of and know our clients will enjoy too.

San Domenico Palace, Taormina, A Four Seasons hotel

A fantastically renovated 14th-century monastery and convent that’s bringing a new level of excellence to Taormina, the San Domenico Palace from Four Seasons is a prime example of why the Toronto-based brand is one of the leaders in the industry. From the moment you arrive at the Palace, located at the top of a promontory observing the Ionian Sea, it’s clear that the Four Seasons went above and beyond to preserve the legacy of the place, and that is probably the one aspect of the hotel that truly made it special for Ivan and Rouslan, during their stay. All around are antique sculptures and fireplaces with Latin inscriptions hint at the centuries of history. Though difficult, we had to pick the Sala della Grande Madia -a former refectory converted into a gallery with exceptional works of art- as their favorite spot there. You could spend hours here, exploring all the nooks and crannies…​ only to remember that it is a luxury hotel after all.

The Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City 

The Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City occupies a prime spot at the Bosque de Chapultepec, the city’s grandest parks, offering an impeccable view of the varied vistas of the capital. What impressed Rouslan Lartisien when visited the hotel while it was still being built, was the challenge that the Ritz-Carlton had decided to tackle: to shed its previous reputation for being a corporate address, and instead help bring a level of leisure and entertainment to Mexico City. Though from the outside, the building that houses The Ritz-Carlton, Mexico City looks like a wedge of glass and steel, inside, the hotel’s 153 rooms have been designed to feel completely open to the city, with accommodations that are spacious, with a decor of subdued colors, and contemporary furniture to allow the cityscape to shine. What Ritz-Carlton wanted to achieve with this hotel was to offer a microcosm of Mexico within their glass walls. With the Eastern Mediterranean cuisine of Samos and a spa with treatments inspired by the healing traditions of the local Aztec culture, we daresay it succeeded with flying colors! 

Kasbah Tamadot 

And the latest address that Lartisien invited to join its Collection in February is perhaps one of the most unique addresses that Ivan and Rouslan Lartisien have had the pleasure of visiting in a while… Taking us to the exotic landscapes of Morocco, some 4,330ft above sea level, the Kasbah Tamadot is what is often referred to as a veritable hidden gem. When Sir Richard Branson came across the fortress in the Atlas Mountains during one of his ballooning expeditions, it was love at first sight. And so it was for them! With 18 palatial rooms and suites and 10 Berber tents amid landscaped gardens, chiseled courtyards, and starry night sky, under which you can even relish the resort’s delectable Berber cuisine, the Kasbah Tamadot is like traveling to another dimension altogether. However, what truly makes the place feels out of this world was the vast collection of antiques that the previous owner, Mr Luciano Tempo, accumulated throughout decades, displayed in the rooms and throughout the hotel.

For Ivan and Rouslan, it felt like going through the Golden Age of travel, something they never thought they would experience in this day and age.

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