She is the daughter of famous diamond merchant André Messika and the brilliant mind behind Maison Messika, born in 2005 in Paris. Her brand is built around core values passed down from father to daughter to enhance the diamond, to push the boundaries and to continuously strive for excellence.

This week, we sat down with her to know more about her brand but also her favorite Parisian addresses and destinations around the world.

Meet Valérie Messika

GLH: Messika is above all else a family affair; Can you tell us more about that?

Valérie Messika: I grew up in the magical world of diamonds and this is what shaped my future. My childhood reminiscence is filled with memories of my father, André Messika, and his passion for diamonds, which he passed on to me over the years. After my studies in Communication, I immediately started working with him and sharing our common passion for diamonds. I absolutely loved it, but I was missing a little something to be professionally fulfilled: Creativity. This is how I started designing my own jewelry and a new adventure began. Launching my own brand was a way for me to combine these two universes that I have always been so passionate about!

GLH: What’s the secret to making a name for yourself in an industry where brands have been established for decades, and so quick?

Valérie Messika: I think my love for the creation process, the talents I am surrounded by and the incredible story of my father who has been a diamond merchant for over 40 years have allowed us to establish Messika rather quickly in the world of high jewelry.

When I founded Messika Paris 15 years ago, there was a real apprehension about diamonds. In fact, most women only wore them for special occasions or for their wedding. This is why I created my company with the desire to demystify diamonds. Diamond jewelries are no longer considered classic but innovative and elegant accessories for everyday life.

GLH: Is a brand for women, run by a woman, an asset? 

Valérie Messika: Women inspire me on a daily basis. As a woman, I bring a personal and sentimental touch to my creations. My primary goal is to create pieces that I would  wear myself everyday.

I have this vision that diamonds should be “fashion-rock”, innovative, uncomplicated and easy to wear. It is an opportunity to express one’s personality. This sensitivity is found in many of my jewelry or high jewelry creations. Diamonds can be “chic rock”, and accompany women throughout their lives. I am deeply humbled every time I see a woman wearing a Messika jewel.

GLH: The latest Messika collection in a few words?

Valérie Messika: Last July, during the high jewelry launch week  in Paris, we presented our latest collection called “Voltige”. This collection reflects the spirit of the brand in recent months, a return to our roots, to the essentials, while pushing the limits of high jewelry even further. It combines the technical prowess of our artisan jewelers and exceptional stones for a sensational result.

GLH: Where do you get the inspiration for your collections? 

Valérie Messika: I get my inspiration from fashion and haute-couture, but above all, from the women of today. Daily life is also a great source of creativity, just like women in general, architecture and arts. I have the chance to travel a lot and discover new places, each more inspiring than the last.

GLH: Is there a piece of jewelry that you always take with you when you travel?

Valérie Messika: I never part from my Romane and Noa “Move” bangles, which are named after my two daughters. 

Some jewels are essential, just  like certain pieces of clothes  in a woman’s wardrobe. I like to think this  is the case with our “Move” collection, a line which surpasses all the others within my brand. It’s a collection that I would describe as timeless, because I manage to give it new variations every season.

GLH: Is there a hotel in the world that you particularly like?

Valérie Messika: The One&Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives. Such a beautiful place!

The One&Only Reethi Rah

GLH: Can you share a Parisian address that’s close to your heart and why?

Valérie Messika: On weekends, I like to take time, walk around Ile Saint Louis and stroll along the riverbanks. It allows me to relax and spend some quality time with my family. We particularly love sitting at a corner café called” Le Flore en l’Île” where we have Berthillon ice creams, contemplating the sublime views of the Seine River.

GLH: 15 years already since the creation of Maison Messika, where do you see it in 2035?

Valérie Messika: Everything went fast for Messika and I hope to continue on this path and pace. We are a young company but not so new anymore. We now have more than 200 employees and our brand is in constant growth. Our plan is to establish the brand on a worldwide scale and we are currently working on penetrating the Asian market, which is key in our sales development. We also have new stores in the pipeline for  New York, Abu Dhabi and Moscow.

My wish is to be able to continue to create, to be bold, setting the trends and always be one step ahead in my collections. My absolute dream is to create a Messika diamond watch!

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