Grand Luxury Joins Forces with Maison Pierre Frey to Revamp its Website



In March 2020, Grand Luxury joined forces with Maison Pierre Frey, a French company dominating the world of interior design since 1935.

This collaboration is the first major tribute to the legacy of Pierre Frey by a company with an international presence.

Grand Luxury partners up with Maison Pierre Frey

Grand Luxury partners up with Maison Pierre Frey

Through it, the Grand Luxury Group hopes to transform its website, and offer a more immersive experience to its members…one that goes through the unique story and journey of Maison Pierre Frey, and its designs inspired from the four corners of the world.

Our partnership with Pierre Frey comes to complement the exceptional travel journeys we design for our club members, where each destination has a unique backdrop, evocative of its universe.

What do the two French powerhouses have in common? We share the same cornerstones, which is a passion for what we do, and the pursuit of excellence in making our mark in the world, be it in the travel or home textiles sector.

A celebration of French-style excellence

Maison Pierre Frey is a celebration of French-style excellence

Our collaboration with Maison Pierre Frey is thus a celebration of French-style excellence to create a world where no detail is too small to be perfect, for an audience that expects nothing less. The contemporary and audacious collections of Pierre Frey plunges into a world of dreams, where your journey starts right from the Grand Luxury website, with the colors and patterns chosen for the collection.

An invitation to a sensory journey

About Pierre Frey

Founded in 1935, Maison Pierre Frey designs and produces home textiles, drawing inspiration from classic and contemporary art, and faraway ethnic groups, but always interpreting it in a quintessential French style. This penchant for artistic creativity led the company to acquire 3 other textile companies in the 1990s: Braquenié, Boussac, Fadini Borghi and Le Manach, making it possible for the designer to offer to its loyal clientele a range of home textile fabrics that range from the classic to the contemporary. For several years now, Pierre Frey has been expanding his product range to include new areas of creative expression: wallpapers, wall coverings, custom-made carpets and rugs, and furniture.

A giant of the French home textiles industry aside, Maison Pierre Frey is also a family business, with a story and a passion for interior decoration that has lasted for three generations. The company honors the past, but also looks out to the future, as Patrick Frey successively roped in his 3 sons, Pierre, Vincent and Matthieu, to expand and manage the company’s reach while staying true to its values: the love of fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and inspired creation.

Patrick Frey and his sons Pierre, Vincent and Matthieu

Patrick Frey and his sons Pierre, Vincent and Matthieu

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