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If you ever thought there were enough hotels in the world, think again! The hotel experience has changed throughout the years. It is no longer about just going away from home, or going to a nice hotel for pleasure or for business. Hotels have now become a wholesome experience that gives their guests not just a glimpse, but the opportunity to experience life at their destinations. It is not about one single thing, it is about everything. So, here’s a list of 10 holistic hotels opening up in 2020 which will do just that… and then some! 

Aman New York

There’s always something going on in New York. If not some Don Draper-esque figure brokering the deal of the century, then there must be someone who just wrote a story about that very character and situation, whilst sipping on lukewarm coffee at a Starbucks. The point is, New York is always the scene of innumerable stories going on, and what better place to take it all in than at the new Aman New York hotel.

Lodged high and mighty in the grand Crown Building on the corner of 5th Avenue and 57th Street, the 83 rooms and suites of Aman New York, at the centre of Manhattan, give you a premiere seat for experiencing New York like the characters you’ve always read about. The 26 storey-building will be catering for all types- from the subterranean Jazz Club for the feet-tapping and Bourbon-loving fellows, to the Wine Library for the suave and sipping-kind to the two 2,300 square-metre Spa for the relaxation-lovers. In addition to this, Arva and Nama, the two gourmet restaurants focusing on Italian and Japanese cuisine respectively, will complement the metropolitan experience. As Aman’s first urban establishment, the Crown Building will also house 22 residences in its upper levels for those who want to keep the New York adventure going.

One&Only Desaru Coast

Almost everyone has, at one point or the other, thought about how nice it would be to have their own private island. While this next hotel isn’t quite that, the One&Only Desaru Coast is the closest you’ll get to having your own little piece of tropical heaven.

Located in the Southeast region of Malaysia, the rooms and suites of the One&Only Desaru Coast find themselves safely sheltered by the verdant jungle and open to the white-sand beaches and deep blue waters. The hotel puts at your service the possibility of participating in activities that will allow you to truly reinvigorate yourself; whether it is through training in the 7th-century Silat Melayu martial art or allowing yourself a moment of complete, utter disconnect with the personalised spa.

Deeply connected to the natural elements on either side, the hotel appears to be a Neverland of sorts, unconcerned with the tumultuous winds of the outside world. In between the laughs of the Gibbons and the hushed ocean waves, you will truly feel transported.

Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid

Always one of the jewels of the hotel circle in Madrid, the Ritz just got done with its makeover and is ready to take back the spotlight.

As what can arguably be called one of the leading cultural hubs of Europe, Madrid has always been a favourite destination for the richness of its art heritage, from paintings to literature to its music. And at the centre of this bustling art culture, manifested through the ‘Golden Triangle of Art’, is the Mandarin Oriental Ritz. A 1910 Belle Epoque building, the Ritz Madrid has stood the test of time when you think about how the very concept of art and style and fashion is changing around the world. Craftsmanship of the highest order, fuelled by passion and dedication will always touch the heart of people. That is why throughout its existence, royals, politicians and celebrities have always gravitated towards the Ritz. And now, 110 years after its debut, the Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid has embraced the modernity of art whilst keeping the glory of the old days.

More than just a spectator, the Mandarian Oriental Ritz has always been and remains part of Madrid’s history.

Airelles Château de Versailles – Le Grand Contrôle

If you’ve ever felt that maybe you were born in the wrong era or that you were an old soul that didn’t belong, then perhaps all you were seeking was a way to return to what is perhaps the most royal of all royal places in France. Versailles…

Built in 1681 by the architect of Louis XIV himself, Le Grand Controle hotel has been a part of french noble history from the very beginning. As a historical monument and part of the Palace of Versailles, the hotel is a time machine into 17th century France, when politics, arts, comedies and tragedies flourished. Under the care of the Airelles group of luxury hoteliers, Le Grand Contrôle, Versailles will once again become a place of high life and entertainment. Guests will be able to reside in the grand suites of the hotel and get exclusive access to the Domaine de Versailles and a private tour of the Petit Trianon. But more than that, you will be free to wander around the royal gardens of the Orangery and the Lake of the Swiss Guard as the noble men and women in the days of yore used to.

One&Only Portonovi

Do you ever come across a place which immediately makes you think that you should probably relocate your entire life there and finally be happy? One&Only Portonovi might do that to you.

At the centre of what promises to be one of the most exciting and monumental endeavours of the Boka Bay area, Montenegro, the new One&Only luxury resort will be the group’s first venture in Europe. And what a striking debut it will be! Surrounded by commercial and residential areas that will redefine the cultural, social and economic landscape of Montenegro, the hotel will be able to offer its guests direct access to the many attractions and activities, events and sensational locations. Adventures on sea, in the mountains, in the old towns, every single place filled with opportunity for discoveries and excitement, the resort will have something for everybody, all the while being an abode of luxury.

Zadun by Ritz-Carlton, Mexico

A true marriage between modern finesse and historic charms, the Zadun presents itself as a sanctuary to you.

There is an image of Mexico that the world has: hot, dusty, people everywhere, shouting, moving around, bumping into each other, careless, with a yellow filter on the whole picture as they do in Hollywood films. Reality is different but even then, there are similarities between the country and its fictitious counterpart. Zadun, however… is unlike anything else.

A Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the secluded area of Los Cabos, in San Jose del Cabo, rooms, suites and villas with wall-size glass panels give views of the azure sea, whilst the rest is surrounded in deep green shrubs and golden sand. Therapeutically aesthetic, Zadun is a true oasis for those seeking peace and tranquility; an ease of life that only few can allow themselves to experience.

Capella, Bangkok

Bangkok is… Bangkok. It’s quite hard to describe a city that has so many facets to it. From the busy streets at night, offering treats for the eyes and the palate, to the boat rides across the floating market, Bangkok can be overwhelming. That is why whenever your eyes set upon the Chao Phraya River, large and still except for the coloured boats gliding up and down the stream, there is a sense of peace that resonates throughout your body. So why not find a hotel where this peace is always present?

With its 101 suites and villas with views on the Chao Phraya, Capella stills time for you. There, Bangkok is at its mildest and most refined, offered in small doses but undoubtedly Bangkok. From the decor to the food to the hospitality of the staff, the hotel allows you to take in the beauty of the city at your own rhythm. It doesn’t hurt that the hotel collaborates with the famed Auriga spa to bring even more serenity to its guests.

Cheval Blanc, Paris

Not quite as historic as Versailles, sure… but just as French! Cheval Blanc Paris rises above the rest like a fine diamond jewel.

With the Louvres and the Marais just a short work away, there was no option except being a work of art as well. With interior designer Peter Marino’s artistic input, the hotel is imbued with the spirit of Paris, from its refined decor to its gourmet dishes, the whole hotel emanates a delicate aura.

With an atmosphere reminiscent of where the great authors crafted their best work, take a deep dive into the chic parisian experience. Quiet, intimate, beautiful, there is a hotel where you can simply take pleasure in being checked in.

Four Seasons San Francisco

Slap bang in the middle of the Bay Area, the Four Season San Francisco is all about bringing you the best of what the City by the Bay has to offer and giving you a place to rest.

On one hand you’ve got access to all the attractions and landmarks that the city has to offer, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and its many commercial streets and corridors, parks and beaches, filled with thousands of people everyday, walking up and down what is known as the second “most walkable” city in the United States; and on the other hand, there is the hotel. A middle ground between modern luxury and old-time charm, the Four Seasons San Francisco recalls the grandeur and yet intimacy of the 1950s.

With rooms and suites designed for homey comfort, and restaurants and bars that are dimly lit and personal, the hotel is the perfect place to come back to after a day of touring the city or after a day filled with important business meetings and what-not.

Jumeirah, Muscat Bay

How often do you get the chance of being part of something from the beginning? On the verge of the gold-coloured beach, the Jumeirah Muscat Bay expands over 206 rooms and suites, with a Talise spa. Part of the Muscat Bay residence, the hotel is establishing itself as the must-go destination for anyone in search of an experience that is truly out of this world.

The Muscat Bay in Oman is not only a residence area of luxurious style and proportion, it is a settlement. In between giant sandy-coloured Al Hajar mountains and the turquoise lagoon of the Gulf of Oman, the Muscat Bay is a retreat for humanity but looks like the beginning of a grand adventure.

The hotel’s white and sandy architecture, with its lush verdure, both contrast and complement the setting of this one-of-a-kind experience. The hotel gives you the opportunity to enjoy both land and sea activities of the region, while only being a short drive from Muscat City centre.

So, if you are looking for somewhere new to discover this year, stay tuned!

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