Why You Should Be Excited About The Lanesborough Club & Spa


Knock knock, that’s 2020 behind the door. But before you answer, you should ask yourself one question…

Where in the world did time go?

Probably in your drawer. Next to your list of unchecked resolutions for 2019. You know, the one where you were supposed to go the gym, eat healthier, and get more sleep…gasp! Time flies indeed.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it while it’s there. All you need is the right incentive.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit ought to be everyone’s top priority but it’s also the hardest thing to do.

And we get that.

You’d love to join a fitness program and gym to help you shed those pounds and release some stress… but that’s easier said than done.

There’s so much to consider: is it close to your home and office? Are the trainers good? Can they work around your schedule? Does it have the equipment you need? But more than anything else, you have to feel comfortable. It has to feel like home.

Otherwise, you’ll never walk in after those first five sessions and before you know it, another year has gone by and you’re stuck in the same rut. 

But in 2020, things could be different.

For Londoners or regular travelers to the city, we might be able to help you break the cycle… Well, in fact, the Lanesborough Club & Spa in London might.

Because with its club and spa inspired from the Roman baths of the old days, and with expert help from fitness trainers, this could be the wellness club made for your lifestyle…. Let’s show you why.

A wellness area with a difference

Lanesborough Club & Spa- Restaurant & Lounge

Restaurant & Lounge area

Opened in Spring 2017, the Lanesborough Club & Spa promises a 360° approach to wellness in a lavish setting designed to attract and appeal to a well-heeled clientele.

So, if you’re staying at the Lanesborough, or you’re lucky enough to be living in the area and without a gym, here is your chance to join one of London’s most exclusive private member clubs and be part of an environment where you can relax, socialize, and work out with like-minded people. 

Lanesborough Club & Spa -Mixed Spa Lounge

Mixed spa lounge

Even if the last thing you want to see after work is a treadmill, the Lanesborough Club & Spa gives you access to massage and beauty therapists who’ll knead every bit of stress and tension from your body with top of the line products, and treatments that celebrities and runway models swear by.

But it’s not all about wellness and staying fit. Sometimes, the best way to unwind is a good conversation, and the Lanesborough Club & Spa offers many opportunities to relax in a private club-style setting, including a healthy dining restaurant with a menu created by Michelin-starred chef Eric Fréchon, and exquisitely designed common areas which make sipping on a smoothie feel incredibly dignified.

Yes, we know it all sounds great. But there are other places and hotels (albeit a few) in London to offer something similar. So what’s the difference? Let’s jump right into that, shall we?

Look good, feel good – Stunning designs by 1508 London

If you love Regency era designs, you’ll love the Lanesborough. The two are inseparable.

The hotel’s common areas and rooms recreate the era’s atmosphere to perfection and following a renovation by Cabinet Alfred Pinto in 2015, you’ll struggle to find anything more authentic in central London.

But does it suit a spa and gym?

From what we’ve seen, the pairing works out great. 

anesborough Club & Spa- Male bar inside changing room

Male bar inside changing room

The young and talented design firm 1508 London were commissioned to create the Lanesborough Club & Spa, and their work continues in the spirit of Pinto’s redesign with their own flavor added to the mix. In this case, they’ve taken inspiration from ancient Roman baths to create a hybrid of a luxury club, lounge, fitness area and spa. An ambitious project, but with the firm’s track record of blending contemporary designs with the classic (which you can see here) it’s in good hands.

For the wellness center’s Regency era credentials, 1508 London have put a range of fine British materials and craftsmanship to good use.

Wallpapers spun from silk line the walls. Wood paneling and leather upholstering bring a sense of opulence, and peacock blue satin and deep green colored silks complement a space carved from oak, marble, and stone… Yes, it doesn’t sound like your regular wellness center and it’s not meant to. Think of it as an extension of your lifestyle, not just two hours spent sweating it out at the gym.

Privacy and discretion

Despite being one of London’s landmark hotels, the Lanesborough does a great job of not advertising its presence… and consequently, yours as well.

Bearing the hotel’s clientele in mind, the sense of “hush hush” is welcome, and the same discretion and privacy for guests are extended to users of the Lanesborough Club & Spa. 

Lanesborough Club & Spa - Reception area

Reception area

Guests of the hotel will have direct access to the Club & Spa, whereas members will be granted private access via an entrance on Grosvenor Crescent.

Once inside, they’ll be greeted by a stately and traditional lobby before making their way to an area designed to encourage socialization. This space also features a restaurant, a manicure and pedicure suite, and a well-equipped fitness area. Further along, in the quieter sections of the Club & Spa, a treatment lounge equipped with thermal suites and a hydro-pool for relaxation and contemplation lie ready to welcome the travel weary, and on-the-go business execs looking to unwind. 

Lanesborough Club & Spa - Manicure & Pedicure area

Manicure & Pedicure area

The Lanesborough Club & Spa’s designs create the perfect atmosphere to work out and unwind in. After all, if a wellness center doesn’t offer the right services and staff to help you achieve your lifestyle needs, it’ll take you much longer to get results and you’re not likely to hang around long enough to see them happen.

What you’ll end up doing, is signing up to a colossal waste of time.

That’s why we’re glad to see the Lanesborough partner with some of the biggest names in the world of fitness, beauty therapy and wellness to help you reach your goals.

It’s the very definition of an urban oasis. Speaking of which…

The Spa

Lanesborough Club & Spa - Male thermal area

Male thermal area

The precision and finesse of the Lanesborough therapists would go to waste if they weren’t applying anything less than top notch products to your skin while doing so.

Of course, being a luxury hotel, you expect quality products to be the norm and they are as UK brand Ila and Swiss brand La Prairie are both represented at the Lanesborough spa.

Known for its incredible anti-aging product line – caviar, gold, and platinum infused skin care products – La Prairie’s product lineup is the stuff of wonder, and Ila’s “beyond organic” philosophy has earned their artisan products made from Himalayan salt, Babassu oil and Rose Damascene (among other exotic ingredients), a cult following.

But to deliver a truly exclusive spa experience to guests and members of the Lanesborough Club & Spa, both brands have created signature product lines, which are unique to the Lanesborough.

As an added bonus, the Ila at the Lanesborough Club & Spa line can be enjoyed with a series of special “Ila life therapies” which promote well-being, health and mindfulness to help you on your way to a better looking and healthier skin when you step out of the Lanesborough.

The spa is also equipped with a hydrotherapy pool and Rasul room, and the interiors are a boon after a long day at the office.

 Lanesborough Club & Spa - Hydro Pool

Hydro Pool

Where do I sign up?

If you’re a member of Grand Luxury Hotels and would like to book a stay at this incredible London hotel, you may be eligible for exclusive upgrades that are sure to make your travel experience that much better.

We’re talking guaranteed room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts and more, so if you want more information on bookings or the Lanesborough’s Club and Spa, just click on the link down below and we’ll be more than happy to help you.


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