Meet Louise du Boislouveau, Destination Manager at Grand Luxury Hotels



Passionate, from a very young age, about everything literature, music and gastronomy, Louise didn’t take long to find her calling in life. What she liked and enjoyed, she could turn into something bigger, and a life of high purpose. So she set out to become herself, working alongside Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin in the kitchen of his Parisian restaurant Le Grand Véfour, and later at the Four Seasons Hotel George V to understand what happens on the inside track of those places that never cease to create magic.

Four years ago, Louise joined Grand Luxury Hotels, and shortly after, joined the Grand Luxury Experiences team , our subsidiary in charge of groups and event planning, as Event Manager. After achieving everything she could in that position, she went back to what she really loved, which is creating experiences that approach timeless perfection with the Destination division of Grand Luxury Hotels and its brand new program: Immersion by Grand Luxury. Her goal: To conceptualize unique experiences for members of our club, and travelers for who the beaten tracks of destinations hold no appeal. They are on a quest to discover the very soul of places.

“I rediscovered, at Grand Luxury Hotels, the values I learned at Le Grand Véfour and the Four Seasons Hotel George V: to always offer excellence to our clients and strive for perfection at every moment and right down to the last detail, and create travel experiences that culminate in more than just memories. They become stories to be told, again and again.”

And Grand Luxury Immersion is just that.

After all, we all dream of traveling in a way that makes every day a series of exceptional moments, and coming back home with the knowledge that we’ve seen it all and done it all: uncover the history of the place, discover its colourful cuisine and experience the local art and craft with unforgettable encounters on the inside track, all rounded up with the pursuit of those timeless landscapes that leave you dreaming about your next travel before you even get home.

Because, like Louise puts it,

All travel is born from the same desire: a quest for exceptional places, and those unalterable spaces that never cease to tell their story and captivate.

Grand Luxury Immersion gives a sense of timelessness to these places with a journey to their very soul.

She continues:

“We go where others go, but we discern what is unique about a destination to fully permeate its layers. Our immersion experiences center around exceptional moments and unforgettable encounters, all in the name of seeing the most beautiful facets of a destination, sublimated by those who, today, hold the keys to its most guarded secrets.”

For who can better introduce you to the story of a monument than a curator knowledgeable about its thousands of years of history, or a passionate craftsman to talk about his family who, for generations, have perfected an art hidden from the rest of the world. Or maybe you’ll meet an art historian, whose passion lies in giving life and meaning to the masterpieces that make for his country’s cultural and religious legacy or a chef who’s unlocked the secrets of blending the flavours of his country better than anyone to transform a simple meal into a journey of the senses.

“With Grand Luxury Immersion, we set out to meet these people, eager to share their knowledge and to bring their passion and profession to life. Contact with them is a contagious experience, and they can make even the most rigid jaws drop.”

So yes, we go where others go, but we show the world as no one sees it. We walk the beaten tracks, but we create our own traces, we contemplate where others only look, and we meet the people they only see afar.

“At Grand Luxury Hotels, we take a different look at the world, and our hope is for the world to look at us differently.”

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