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Most people say when you visit Vienna, you can hear Mozart’s Lucio Silla playing in the wind as you waltz through the streets and take in the city’s architectural prowess and culinary delights. But look beyond the magnificent buildings and wine taverns, and you will find a world brimming with history and cultural heritage.

The City & Its Treasures

Vienna is one of the most culturally significant cities in the world, with names penned down in history as far back as we can remember, and buildings that evoke a sense of nostalgia for a time unknown. The Austrian National Library is one such building, and a favorite attraction for travelers in Vienna. Designed in a Baroque style, and filled with more than 7 million books and maps that hold centuries of stories, it’s a place you could easily lose a day.

The National Library of Austria

The Austrian National Library is one of the most beautiful in the world

Then, of course, there is the National History Museum where you will find breathtaking frescoes, priceless archaeology finds, and treasures of travelers and explorers from days gone by. And that’s not all! The Planetarium will take you on an epic ride from the milky way, through Saturn’s rings, and back.

The National History Museum of Vienna

Vienna’s Natural History Museum has one of the largest collections of paintings and antiquities in the world

Come evening, nothing compares to walks in the Belvedere Palace gardens. The former royal residence is one of Vienna’s largest baroque structures, and the garden, designed in a formal French style, is as enchanting as they get. For culture buffs, the palace also exhibits numerous art collections by Gustav Klimt, and movement artists.

If you happen to be a horse lover, the Spanish Riding School comes with our highest recommendation for a night of Ballet of the White Stallions to classical Viennese music. It’s an experience to remember.

Where To Check-In

Vienna is not short of luxury hotels where you can check-in for a night, but the Hotel Sacher Vienna is something special…and timeless.

Hotel Sacher Vienna

Hotel Sacher Vienna is that old-world Austrian Grande Dame you can’t help but fall for

The hotel, much like the city itself, is a symbol of elegance, culture and sophistication, and its proximity to most of the city’s attractions makes it a top HQ for sightseeing tours of local landmarks . The hotel is also one of those rare places that reels you back in time with its historic features and aristocratic design of rooms knitted out in silk wall coverings, original oil paintings and antique furniture, and there is nothing quite like it in Vienna.

The lobby

Would you just look at the antique furniture and original oil paintings of the lobby

While you’re here, another piece of Viennese history you can dig into is the Sacher torte.

The Sacher torte at the Café Sacher

Café Sacher, where you can slice into a piece of Viennese history

The chocolate cake is a hallmark of the hotel, and the Café Sacher, designed like a typical Austrian coffee house, knows just how to serve it.


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