Could This Be The Best Hotel To Check Into for a Turkish Summer?


The lowdown

Turkey, with its cosmopolitan cities, secluded beaches, ancient treasures and brand new airport in Istanbul, is having a moment, but we happen to think summer should be about an agenda that has nothing on it but swimming, sunbathing and eating, with some sight-seeing thrown in here and there. That usually means ditching cities like Istanbul, Ankara and the package tourist-invaded  Antalya for a more unspoilt area where you can enjoy the cool waters of the Turkish Mediterranean in a more peaceful way.

In our book, that going down the Turkish coast to the chic- and blisffully under-the-radar- Bodrum, with its old stone buildings, buzzing new restaurant scene and sweeping views of the Aegean whenever you look out. To say that this port city is the new Saint-Tropez or Mykonos would be accurate, and we don’t know how the rest of the world hasn’t figured that out yet…

Not that we are complaining. After all, with a place as beautiful as Bodrum, the impulse is to keep it a secret as long as possible.

Where we’d check-in

The best way to spend summer on the Turkish coast, any part of it,  is aboard a yacht, but if you would rather stay on dry land, the Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum comes with our highest recommendation.

For a start, the hotel sits right on the Bodrum Peninsula with picture-perfect views of Paradise Bay in the Aegean Sea. If you don’t know what that means, it’s where every super sleek yacht and gulet that comes to town anchor down to then gently bob on the clear blue waters. And yes, we are back on the topic of yachts, but can you blame us? And if you happen to have one of those, or you’re looking to rent one, the hotel also sits in close proximity to Bodrum’s yacht harbour, and if that doesn’t make it a Turkish delight (hint hint), we don’t know what would.

The Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum is a true cocoon of luxury on Turkey’s Aegean coastline

It offers sublime views from every angle, and an excellent choice of hip bars and restaurants from which to enjoy those vistas

The super sleek hotel interiors by Italian architect Antonio Citterio match the views outside with aplomb

The spa is as fabulous as they come this side of Turkey

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