With its antiquities in Athens, romantic clichés from Santorini, and the wildest parties happening on Mykonos, Greece is a hot destination for 2019. The trick is knowing where to go, and when. What are you looking for on your next vacation?

Love? Adventure? Nothing but beaches? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered…

The sun-drenched Greek island that parties past sunrise

Mykonos’ reputation as Greece’s ultimate party island is right on the money, but there is much more to this cosmopolitan Cycladic island than sunrise parties and house music pumping out all hours of the day. Yes, there are surfside lounge bars here and wild clubs where DJs play live, but what you’ll remember most of it is its bohemian buzz and languid pace of life that hasn’t faded since the 1960s. If anything, it’s got more glitzy with the influx of supermodels and superyachts in recent years, and a burgeoning art scene. Come here for good times that can be as fully charged, or as deliciously mellow, as you’d like…

Where to stay

Mykonos is not short of hip boltholes, but the Bill & Coo, sitting just on the outskirts of Mykonos Town, has got to be one of the island’s slickest hangouts to kick back when the party’s over. It’s got it all: a beachside location, a sparkling infinity pool with stunning views of the Aegean Sea and those minimalist rooms we have come to associate with the Cyclades.

A stay in the land of ancient Greek gods and heroes

The Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece is perhaps one of the country’s best-kept secrets, and we would not like it any other way. There’s more than 4,500 years of history here, but the region has managed to stay blissfully under the radar, in the shadow of the more popular Greek destinations like Athens, Santorini and Mykonos…

Coming here feels like connecting to the pinnacles of human civilisation, and essentially, you are with the temples and sports grounds of the original Olympic Games and the olive-studded coastline that once provided the wild setting for ancient myths of gods and heroes.

Where to stay

The Amanzoe, of course. After all, you know it’s a special hotel when the former king and queen of Greece live just down the road, and usually check in for lunch. But the special thing about this Aman outpost is not its guest list at all. It’s how it’s built, like a hilltop acropolis designed by the ancient Gods themselves. Think pale marble pavilions, miles of columned walkways and fir trees and stunning views of the Peloponnese’s southern coast whenever you look out over the horizon. If this is not classic Greece, we don’t know what is…

A holiday of romantic clichés

In stark contrast to the Peloponnese peninsula, Greece’s magnetic Santorini island needs no introduction. It’s the land of clifftop villas, private pools and postcard-worthy sunsets over the caldera, and there is nothing quite like it for Aegean idylls- think cobbled caldera paths, Mediterranean cocktails to panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and infinity pools spilling over the edge, as if into an abyss.

Then, of course, off the beaten track of cooing honeymooners who are only here for the romantic clichés, there are Santorini’s black sand beaches where Zen-seekers check-in for R&R. Come here for an island getaway that everyone’s talking about…

Where to stay

When people think Santorini, they think cliffside hotels, but sitting on a quiet stretch of Perivolos Beach, the Istoria Hotel is that stripped-down contemporary Greek retreat where Cycladic minimalism is taken seriously, and we cannot get enough of it. Its barely brushed cement walls are the stuff of Greek travel dreams, and that gorgeous black-slate pool at the heart of the hotel is possibly the largest on the island. When it comes to making a cool, calm impression, this hotel has the art down pat.

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