The Connaught’s Aman Spa is the answer to getting you ready for Christmas


Cheers and hoorays! Christmas is nearly here. But are you dreading it?

The festive season is right behind the door and if you’re like most people out there, you’re like a kid about to be let loose in a candy store.

But unfortunately, the festive cheer doesn’t come without its share of problems.

Work cocktails, the kids’ Christmas pageant, family dinners…there’s a lot to commit to and your body will be feeling the effects.

So you could probably use some downtime right about now. 

Well, The Connaught understands this, and hidden away at the heart of the hotel is their Aman Spa to make sure their guests enjoy the festive season to the fullest.

The Connaught- Winter Sole Therapy

Holistic massages, body treatments, healing therapies…these are some of the standard offerings at The Connaught, one of which is their Winter Sole Therapy, which is a 2-hour session tha combines reflexology, Aman’s Signature Foot Treatment and a pedicure. A private session with an Aman therapist is also scheduled to help induce a peaceful state of mind with a meditation session.

Though the main focus will be centered on your feet, you’ll feel the effects of the treatment body-wide and psychologically. So, if you’re feeling the effects of the end of year rush at the office, this 2-hour treatment could be the just the thing you need.

A long time favorite of zen hunters around the world, Aman hotels are known for their exotic locations and excellent spas. 

  Foot spa

The Connaught is the only non-Aman hotel in the world to offer an Aman Spa to its guests and it’s the best antidote to the effects of a long plane ride and London’s hectic pace. To know more about The Connaught, or its Aman Spa, get in touch with us or click on the link below. .


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