The Amanjena: 5 reasons to book a stay in this Moroccan oasis.  



In a destination where the world’s top luxury hotels battle it out for your custom, the Amanjena stands out from the pack with its bold minimalist designs, omniscient service, and an ability to make you feel the wonder and excitement of staying in a hotel only minutes from a 10,000-year-old city on the edge of the Sahara. If you are wondering whether it’s the hotel for you, we’ve jotted down five great reasons for you to pack your bags and book a stay.


1. It’s close to the Medina, but not too close…

Amanjena - Pool

Marrakech is, captivating, exciting and exotic. But, stay too long in its maze-like alleyways and bustling souks, and you can add “ exhausting” to that list too.

There are a ton of experiences to live here and you’ll struggle to do them all in one stay. Mostly because you won’t have the time nor the stamina to get through it all  so, it pays to approach Marrakech with a tactical mind where you can balance experience and comfort.

The Amanjena, located 12 kilometers away from the city, will happily get you there in air conditioned vehicles and when you get back, it’s guaranteed bliss.


2. It’s a golfers dream

Amanjena - Golf Course

Ever wondered what a golf session in the desert would be like? The Golf Amelkis club, adjacent to the Amanjena is the answer.  And, spoiler alert, it’s good, but tough. Designed by Cabell B. Robinson, the course pits you against multiple water hazards and bunkers which will definitely test your skills. If the going gets too rough, the ample sunshine, gorgeous Moroccan architecture and palm trees should do enough to soothe the soul and ego.


3. Its activity list is out of this world

For the adventurous souls, the resort offers activities which let you experience local geographical and cultural marvels. Tour the Majestic Atlas mountain ranges ( home to North Africa’s tallest peak ), visits of the Berber communities in the footholds of the Atlas and share a meal with them, go karting or quad biking in the Afgay desert… the Amanjena lets you do it all.


4. The spa is a true oasis

Amanjena Spa

Exceptional spa’s are part of the Aman DNA and the Amanjena doesn’t disappoint with two impeccably designed Ottoman inspired hammams as part of the resort’s holistic spa and wellness centre.  Massages, shower sessions, skin cleansing treatments and relaxation courtyards all combine to induce the sense of bliss Aman Junkies have come to love.


5. The designs are exceptional

Amanjena - Root Pavillion

Ed Tuttle and the Aman hotels are a match made in heaven. Minimalist and elegant, Ed Tuttle’s designs help the Aman live up to their philosophy of peace and exclusivity before you’ve even been treated to the service (more on that later). If you’ve even wondered why this is one of the few hotel groups in the world with a dedicated fan base, the Amanjena’s looks should be a good enough indicator.

If you’d like to book the Amanjena on your next trip to Morocco, get in touch with us and we’ll not only book the hotel for you, but also assign you 24/7 concierge assistance during your stay.

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