Now and then, every collector gets the urge to sift through their collection and pick out their favorites from the bunch.

Whether it’s butterflies or milk bottles (it’s a thing, look it up) the temptation of marveling at your hard work is hard to resist. And this week, we gave in to the temptation.

Picking 12 stunning interior designs from our hotel collection is impossibly hard. Truth be told, we love them all (which is why they’re in here in the first place) but after much deliberation, arguments and coffees, we grudgingly settled on 12 which have our attention at the moment.

If you need some extra motivation for a getaway, these 12 incredible hotel interiors should have you packing your bags before you know it. 



Designer: Jaya Ibrahim
Location: Hangzhou, China

Amanfayun- Villa Main Bedroom

This mountaintop resort in Hangzhou is a conversion of an entire village which local tea farmers used to call home. Designer Jaya Ibrahim’s respect for the area’s peaceful aura leads to minimalist designs where local timber, brick, and muted color tones are the order of the day.


Gramercy Park Hotel

Designer: Julian Schnabel
Location: New York, United States

Designed by filmmaker and painter Julian Schnabel the Gramercy Park Hotel’s unique look makes it a top pick amongst our members and the city’s socialites. The hotel’s designs err more towards a movie set or contemporary art museum than a traditional inner city hotel. Here, you’ll find original works by 20th-century influencers including Cy Twombly, Basquiat, Fernando Botero and of course, Schnabel along with chandeliers, monogrammed carpets, and fireplaces for theatrical effect. Throw in a location that’s arguably NYC’s most quiet neighborhood, and access to the gated Gramercy Park, and it’s easy to see why this is one of the best hotel’s you can book in the Big Apple.


Ham Yard Hotel, Firmdale Hotels

Designer: Kit Kemp
Location: Soho, London

How the Firmdale Group managed to find a quiet spot at the heart of Soho to create an urban village cum hotel project is the stuff of mystery. What isn’t, is how well they’ve pulled it off. The Ham Yard is the hotel London never knew it needed. There’s a rooftop garden, an authentic 1960’s bowling alley flown in from Texas, and some independently owned and international stores right on the hotel grounds. And of course, Kit Kemps signature designs, vibrant, quirky and eclectic, are at their best in the Ham Yard’s rooms and common areas.


Capella Singapore

Designer: Jaya Ibrahim
Location: Sentosa, Singapore

Coming up the driveway of the Capella, you’d be forgiven for thinking the hotel is a colonial style property like Singapore’s legendary Raffles. It’s anything but. Sure, half of the hotel retains the heritage style look and feel of the former British armory it once was, but go past the lobby and towards the beach, and you’re greeted by a different beast altogether.

A curved contemporary building houses Singapore’s best contemporary suite designs. Floor to ceiling windows let you marvel at breathtaking views of the South China Sea, granite plunge pools let you simmer down from the heat, and the sleek looks and muted tones of the interiors look and feel like millions of dollars made manifest. Which they undoubtedly are.


Royal Mansour

Designer: 3BIS Architecture intérieure
Location: Marrakech, Morocco

When Morocco’s King Mohammed VI offered a blank cheque to Nicolas Papamiltiadis and Fabrice Bourg to create his hotel, he expected the exceptional. What he got was more than that. The Royal Mansour is a veritable world unto itself. A luxury enclave meticulously built by over 1200 Moroccan craftsman and comprising 52 two-storey riads (private homes ), there’s quite simply no other hotel like it.


Das Stue

Designer: Patricia Urquiola, LVG Arquitectura
Location: Berlin, Germany

A zoo, and the waiting room of a Dutch embassy. At first glance, the two elements which inspired the Das Stue’s design have no right to go well together. And yet they do. Designers Patricia Urquiola and LVG Architecture let their imagination run wild ( excuse the pun) to create one of Berlin’s finest examples of contemporary hotel design. A cantilevered six storey building of steel and glass, the Das Stue’s design puts the Berlin Zoo’s denizens in full view of the hotel’s guests. But what’s inside is as exotic, with animals replicas strewn around the sleek contemporary interiors for a hotel that just feels unique.


Chedi Andermatt

Designer : Jean-Michel Gathy
Location: Andermatt, Switzerland

Top hotels aim to blend aesthetics with comfort, and many are good at it, but few nails the “sweet spot” quite like the Chedi Andermatt. The Gorgeous designs by Jean-Michel Gathy are a labor of love, and you’ll feel it the second you walk into any of the rooms.

They’re exactly how a modern “chalet” ought to look like.

Dark wooden tones and soft colors create an atmosphere that’s at one with nature, and the large windows make the mountain landscape feel like an extension of the room. Asian inspired bathrooms bring a touch of Zen, with large bathtubs which are best enjoyed with the lights turned down low and the scented candles lit.


Four Seasons Golden Triangle

Designer: Bill Bensley Design
Location: Chiang Rai, Thailand

Is it cheating to call a luxury tent a hotel interior? Maybe, but we couldn’t look past this Thai gem for the list. Found in Thailand’s Golden Triangle, the main attraction of this far-flung Four Seasons resort are the family of rescued elephants that you can interact with and ride during your stay. The second main reason for coming, are the incredible Superior Tents. Rustic, and with outdoor hot tubs and sundecks overlooking the rainforests of Thailand, they are hands down one of the most original hotel rooms in our collections (or tents if you’re picky).


Rosewood Beijing

Designer: Stewart Robertson
Location: Beijing, China

The Rosewood Beijing is a hotel which makes you reconsider any preconceptions you may have about China. A symbol of the ever-changing face of Beijing, staying in this hotel, is the perfect way to help you get up to speed and puts you in a prime seat to catch China’s up and coming artists before they explode onto the international art scene. 

Baccarat Hotel

Designer: Gilles & Boissier
Location: New York, United States

The Baccarat New York is a hotel that makes jaded luxury globe trotters feel like kids in a candy store. We don’t care if you’ve traveled to the four corners of the globe, we guarantee you’ve never seen a hotel that’s as visually striking as this one. Designed by wife and husband team Gilles & Boissier, the Baccarat’s interiors are what you would expect from a jewelry brand’s foray into the luxury hotel market. In other words, a liberal application of Baccarat crystals and the brand’s fiery shade of crimson red all around. This New York Gem (literally) is one ultra luxury offering that’s worth your while.


The NoMad

Designer: Jacques Garcia
Location: New York, United States

A converted Beaux-Arts building at the heart of New York with interior designs based on Jacques Garcia’s childhood apartment; the NoMad hotel, is unlike anything you’ve seen in New York. It wears its French heritage on its sleeve, with every room feeling like genuine apartments you’d find in Paris. The decadent touches, like the 200-year-old fireplace, faded Persian rugs, and an atrium which houses a Daniel Humm restaurant, don’t distract from the homely atmosphere. Instead, they help piece together a universe and story that’s unique to this unconventional New York hotel.


Ritz Paris

Designer: Thierry.W.Despont
Location: Paris, France

The Ritz Paris is a legendary hotel that’s welcomed the crème de la crème of the word since 1898.So, a $450 million dollar renovation can only make it look better, earning it an immediate spot on this list. Following the revamp, French designer Thierry.W.Despont does an incredible job of keeping the spirit of the hotel intact while making it look fresh and inviting for the 21st century traveler. If you’re a long time fan, a stay at the Ritz feels like returning to a long time friend whose aged remarkably well. 



There you have it, 12 incredible hotel designs in our collections. Do you agree with us? Think we should have any others in the list? Just go through our collections and let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you.

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