The Claridge’s Christmas Tree by Karl Lagerfeld.


In keeping with a long standing end of year tradition, the Claridge’s has once again unveiled its annual Christmas tree in its lobby on November 22nd.

Designed by Karl Lagerfeld, one of the greatest creative minds of the fashion world, the installation is inspired by the designer’s childhood memories of Christmas and are a series of inverted spruce trees in the hotel lobby.

At the center of the installation, is a gargantuan 16-foot tall tree bedecked in a creative and luxurious way. Its roots are gilded with silver, garlands and decorations of silver lametta hang on its branches, along with silver handmade snowflakes crafted in Germany. At its top, is a mirrored multi-faceted star which reflects a beautiful light display across the lobby and at its base, sits a hand sewn sheep skin rug from Iceland to emulate a recent snowfall.

During the festive season, regulars of the Claridge’s entering the lobby will be surprised to find the hotel’s iconic chandelier gone. In its stead, is an inverted candle lit tree which brings a welcome touch of the Christmas spirit. In keeping with a Christmas ritual that Karl Lagerfeld’s mother would perform every year, pure white linen cloths cover tables under the various trees dotting the lobby.

Claridge's Christmas

Commenting on his collaboration with the Claridge’s for its Christmas tree Karl Lagerfeld said: ” Christmas trees are the strongest “souvenir” of my happy childhood” and the Claridge’s General Manager Paul Jackson said: “We are honoured and delighted that Karl Lagerfeld agreed to design our annual Clardige’s Christmas Tree. We believe this magical take on his childhood memories captures the spirit of the season perfectly and adds a sense of fun and glamour to our lobby.”

If you would like to spend this Christmas at the Claridge’s and see the breathtaking installation display for yourself, get in touch with us, and our friendly staff will be more than happy to arrange a booking for you.

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