Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance, is a top-of-the-list travel destination for culture and history buffs. Virtually unchanged since the days of Da Vinci and Dante, the city is like an open air museum filled with some of Europe’s most seminal works of art.  

And if you’re planning a visit, and want to wake up to postcard-perfect views of the city, there’s no better place to check-in than Hotel Lungarno’s Rooftop Terrace Suite.

Hotel Lungarno - Rooftop Terrace Suite

The suite is a relatively new addition to the hotel following a recent renovation, and is the best place from which to catch the dramatic views of Florence’s rooftops. From the Terrace Suite, you’ll  be able to enjoy swooping 360° views of the city, which encompass icons such as the Palazzo Pitti, Ponte Vecchio, Brunelleschi’s Duomo and the Santa Maria Novella church.

The suite consists of two bedrooms equipped with private bathrooms and a balcony overlooking the Palazzo Pitti and Florentine Oltrarno, and a large luminous space dedicated to the works of Italian painter Orfeo Tamburi. A separate upstairs section is in turn a space where the abstract designs of Luciano Schifano are given full breadth of expression.

Hotel Lungarno- Rooftop Terrace Suite

For more information on the Hotel Lungarno and this suite, just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you out. Booking this hotel through Grand Luxury Hotels gives you access to a dedicated personal assistant, who will help arrange every aspect of your travel. Get in touch with us now and find out more.

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