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Paris is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and economic centers of the modern world. So, it’s no wonder that it has racked up a long list of hotels to house the artists, dignitaries, and business moguls which pass through it every year (and some are over a century old). If you’d like to spend a night in a living legend, here is a selection of the most historical hotels in Paris you can choose from our collections.




Historical Hotels in Paris - L'Hôtel

With only 20 rooms and a Michelin star restaurant in its midst, L’Hôtel, is one of the most select boutique hotels you can find in Paris. It’s origins however, are anything but remarkable except for one notable resident which it’ll always be associated with. Following a two year stint of hard labor, witty playwright and novelist Oscar Wilde chose to escape to Paris to “die above his means” and fight a duel to the death with the hotel’s wallpaper.

Historical Hotels in Paris - L'Hôtel 1

As it would be, L’Hôtel, would be Wilde’s final address and though he would no doubt approve of the lavishness of this property on Saint Germain des Près nowadays, his last breath was spent hating the wallpaper. Room 16 where Wilde spent his last moments is still available to be booked. An ode to opulence and flair, room 16 is bedecked with countless bits of Wilde memorabilia and is one of this historical hotels’ most popular rooms.

Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel

Historical Hotels in Paris - Hôtel de Crillion

This hotel on Place de La Concorde has been around since 1758 and has stood strong through the reign of two French Kings, the whole of the Napoleonic empire and witnessed the birth of the ill-fated League of Nations.

Historical Hotels in Paris - Hôtel de Crillion Lounge

Commissioned by King Louis XV to host ambassadors to France, and built by one of the most influential architects of the era, Jaques-Ange Gabriel, L’Hôtel de Crillon, is nothing short of a national treasure. Following a lengthy multi-million dollar renovation, this legend on Place de La Concorde is now ready to welcome guests for another generation and it’s never looked better.


Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris

Historical Hotels in Paris - Le Royal Monceau

Formerly a retirement home for nuns, to its recent pre-refurbishment bash (aptly called the Demolition Party) which had Kanye West,Jude Law and other glitterati dressing up as workmen to smash every bit of the hotel with sledgehammer, Le Royal Monceau is one of the most transformed historical hotels in Paris you can find. Now considered one of the hippest hotels in the city of lights, Le Royal Monceau’s trend setting atmosphere is as Parisian as it gets and a far cry from it’s more sober origins.


Ritz Paris

Historical Hotels in Paris - Ritz Paris

To list all of the colorful events in the Ritz Paris’s history would require a whole post to itself (which you can find right here). Part hotel and part Parisian landmark, the hotel industry, and indeed, the city itself, wouldn’t be the same without this legend on Place Vendôme.

Historical Hotels in Paris - Ritz Paris 1

Hemingway famously “liberated” it from Nazi occupation at the close of World War 2, Coco Channel entertained a romance with a Nazi officer within its walls, and the famous words “the customer is always right” were coined by its owner and founder Cesar Ritz. Freshly refurbished in 2016, this legend is once again ready to welcome guests and in the short time since it’s return, it’s already reclaimed its Palace status and both of its restaurants have already made their way into the Michelin Guide.


Hôtel Plazaa Athenée


historical hotels in paris - Hotel Plazaa Athenee

The Hôtel Plazaa Athenée is synonymous with Paris’ fashion scene. Opened at the close of the Great War, the hotel’s atmosphere in its opening years was one of enthusiasm associated with the post-war roaring 20’s, an enthusiasm reflected in the hotel’s unique designs. Artist and architect Jules Lefebvre was commissioned to build the Garden Courtyard, as well as the Régence and Marie Antoinette suites, and the original restaurant, Relais Plaza, was an Art Deco shrine imagined by Constant Lefranc. Now redesigned by Philippe Starck and home to the only Nobu Matsuhisa restaurant in Paris (opened in 2016), the future for this grandiose hotel looks very bright indeed.

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