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The perfect stage to play out your Lost and Robinson Crusoe fantasies, the Amanwana’ remote setting – on a private island with an unspoiled nature and marine reserve – and the rustic luxury villas you’ll find here set the tone for a holiday in Paradise.

The resort’s 20 tented suites are either found beneath the tropical canopy – Macaques and Rusa deer make regular sightings – or out on the island’s white-sand beach. (Whether beach side or Jungle) All tents come with air conditioned interiors, hardwoods, Indonesian Island artwork, spacious living areas and King Size beds with an out of this world thread count, but no matter how enticing the Amanwana’s interiors can be, the main draw is Moyo island.

The whole island is a natural reserve and home to one the best diving and snorkeling spots in Bali. The waters surrounding Moyo are filled with Manta Rays, sea turtles, bat fish, and all manner of exotic creatures you’re more likely to see in an an aquarium than in the flesh.




Aman hotels - Amankila

Mount Agung towers in the background, and the blue of the Indian Ocean stretches out for miles before it, but the real star of this section of Bali’s East-Coast, is the Amankila hillside resort. Staying here, is a never ending cycle of relaxation, where afternoon naps in the shade of your gazebo, round the clock food and drinks, and dips in the cool waters of your plunge pool help the days pass by like silk on skin.

While you’re there, book yourself in for a meal in the private Bale found about 15 mins from the resort. Surrounded by peanut and banana plantations and with the ocean and it’s emerald islets for a backdrop, it’s one of the most relaxing settings in the world to unwind in while you enjoy the attentions of a Private Butler and Chef.




Aman Hotels- Amanjiwo

With the Borobodur and the Dieng Plateau’s Hindu temples for a backdrop, the Amanjiwo channels the serene nature of its surroundings to perfection. The aura of the hotel is as sacrosanct as its UNESCO heritage listed neighbors, and relaxation, is the main concern here.

Private pools, king size beds laid upon stone platforms, and a light filled library filled with books dedicated to the Borobodur fill the shelves – along with the day beds and pots of ice tea with which to enjoy it all. From every suite, views of the temple and the dense foliage of the Kedu Plain and Menoreh Hills, stretch out, as far as the eye can see. But there’s more than stunning looks and vistas to enjoy, delicious cuisine, Aman’s signature standards of service, and a superlative spa experience make this an unmissable experience in the Aman portfolio.




Aman Hotels - Amanpuri

The original Aman is still, one of the best in their portfolio. Built on a hillside on the site of a former coconut plantation, the Amanpuri espouses its breathtaking setting like it was always meant to be there. Overlooking the waters of the Andaman sea, the view from the resorts’ pavilions leave you breathless every time you open the window. And gorgeous interiors – highlighted by deft touches such as an orchid-filled vanity in the bathroom, hardwood flooring, and white king sized beds – makes the insides just as beautiful to look at.




Aman Hotels - Amansara

The Amansara is located in Siem Reap’s French quarter and a 10 minute Tuk Tuk ride from the Angkor Archeological Park. So, whether you’re after historical sight seeing, or want to immerse yourself in the city’s nightlife in the city’s lively bars and markets, the Amansara is the perfect place to be.

The hotel’s sleek contemporary interiors are neither too showy or brash. Dark wood furniture and an all white decoration make for a stark contrast to the world of colors that awaits outside, but there’s no place more soothing to return to every day, and a private pool – found in the Pool Suites – awaits on a private terrace behind a wall of glass.

The hotel organizes meals out in the Cambodian countryside and the surrounding temples but even if you choose to stay in, the Amansara’s restaurant serves simple farm to table country fare that’s absolutely delicious, but for a special treat, meals served in the Khmer Village House, within the Angkor Archeological Park and overlooking the 10th-century pool of Srah Srang, aren’t to be missed.




Aman Hotels - Amantaka

This former colonial building turned hotel is the city’s leading luxury property. Though the Aman is found Smack dab in the heart of Luang Prabang, you’ll never guess it. Once you’re past the walls of the compound, you’re in another world, far from the whine of scooters and beeping vehicles on the outside.

Its ideal location gives you direct views over Mount Phou si and puts you within 10 minutes of the Mekong river and the Night Market. As in all Aman hotels, simplicity rules supreme here, with a simple color scheme and decor which channels the building’s colonial heritage.




Aman Resorts - Amanpulo

Adrenaline junkies should steer clear from this temple of zen in the Philippines Pamalican islands. Here devotees come to practice the art of stylish relaxation, and you’ll be sure to be an expert by the time you leave.

The beautiful rustic/barefoot luxury style decor of the villas is representative of the quiet island lifestyle the Amanpulo aims for. The rooms come with large outdoor terraces flanked by your own section of private beach and access to the real thing – which due to the size of the resort/ island (6.5 km) and the distance between villas, very much feels like your own turf anyway. For sundowners, the thatched Kawayan Bar floating in the middle of the ocean is the place to be.



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