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Amankila Suite


It’s about two hours away from the airport and most tourists couldn’t name a single landmark of note there, but that’s why the east coast is where the real R&R happens in Bali. While you’re there, do yourself and your significant other a favor, and book yourself in at the Amankila.

The Aman flagship raises the bar in a group known for its incredible properties. Set atop a giant cliff face overlooking the waters of the Lombok straight, everything about the Amankila is designed to get you acquainted with your more relaxed and lazier side.

There are only 34 suites available, which makes most common ares – included the three tiered infinity pool – mostly deserted. The waters of the Lombok straight provide a bevy of activities for the more active traveler – Paddle boarding, snorkeling, manta ray dodging…- and the tables of the hotel’s Ocean View restaurant is where you’ll have enjoy fresh catch, and ducks, suckling pigs and herbs raised and grown on the Amankila’s grounds. It’s “back to basics” done in the most luxurious way possible, and that’s great in our books. 


Emiliano Rio

Emiliano Rio

Yes, Copacabana’s credentials for cool have taken a bit of a hit since the young and sexy trickled down to Ipanema and Leblon, but following the Olympics architectural revival, it’s poised to make a come back.

Leading the charge among the city’s new trendsetters is the Emiliano Rio, a hip and contemporary hotel that, despite being a newcomer to the market, is already considered among South America’s best. 

The brain child of hotelier Gustavo Filgueiras and jewelry designer wife Andrea Colli, the Emiliano Rio pays homage to its home city by bringing a big splash of contemporary aesthetic to Rio’s otherwise lackluster architecture. Here it’s all in the details… and in the grandiose as well. Organic panels control the amount of sun pouring into the hotel, there’s a living tropical wall in the restaurant, and the rooms- the best examples of Brazilian design we’ve seen in a while – offer breathtaking views of one of the most iconic beaches in the world. It’s sexy, modern, and one of the best reasons to you’ve had to stay by Copacabana beach in years.


Hotel de Crillon




The return of the legendary Hotel de Crillon, is one of the most anticipated re openings of the year.  On July the 5th one of the most storied hotels in Paris opens up a new chapter, and based on what we’ve seen so far, it might just be one of its best yet. If you want to go ahead and be one of the first people to stay in the brand new Crillon, bookings are open, and we’re more than happy to do it for you.


Langham London

Langham London 1


The Langham London is a sweet contradiction. At 152 years of age, it’s a granddaddy on the London hotel scene (albeit, a very well preserved one), and the fact that it’s the birthplace of the world famous afternoon tea do nothing to alleviate the years..

And yet, if you’ve ever wondered what a tequila cocktail sipped from the innards of a lego elephant tastes like, this is the only place you can go to scratch that itch.

The Langham London pulls off a delicate balancing act between classicism and the contemporary, and right there in the middle, is where it finds its identity. And what an incredible one it is.

A privileged location on Regent street means Oxford streets shops, Marylebone, Soho and Regent’s park are a stone’s throw away.




Grant us three wishes and the Amanjena would be one. Exotic, and blessed with a dash of berber mysticism, this gorgeous hotel south of the Palmeray is one of the best couples retreats in our collections.  

What makes it so special, is the sense of privacy it offers. Of course, that’s a must in all hotels, but at the Amanjena, they’ve gone the extra mile to make it feel like it’s all about you.

The hotel’s pavilions and villas hide you from the outside world thanks to lush foliage and ample space, leaving you to feel alone in the world. Inside, a lamplit private courtyard, crackling fireplace and gazebo are the Amanjena’s arguments to convince you into laze about all day. If you don’t give in to the temptation, the nearby Palmeray is home to some exceptional golf courses and restaurants. But if you still prefer to stay in, the Amanjena’s Caidal tent dinner is one of the most romantic experiences you can treat yourself to this side of the equator.

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