“After the Final Curtain & Forgotten Heritage” Matt Lambros and Matthew Emmett at Le Royal Monceau Paris




From June 2nd to 24th, 2017, Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris’ Art District Gallery will be home to the “After the Final Curtain & Forgotten Heritage”, a double photography exhibition by Matt Lambros and Matthew Emmett that captures the haunting beauty of abandoned American movie theatres and industrial sites. The purpose of the exhibition is to celebrate the 15 years of Jonglez Publishing, the city guide experts who helped Lambros and Emmett get their work out to the public by publishing “After the Final Curtain” and “Forgotten Heritage” photo collections


“After the Final Curtain“: The Fall of the American Movie Theater by Matt Lambros


We take media for granted nowadays. DVD’s, television, Netflix… it’s hard to keep track of ways to keep entertained. But, in 20th century America, theatres, were the only option if you wanted to settle down and watch something for fun.

Majestic, intricately decorated and able to seat up to 2500 people, these grandiose spaces were at the heart of American cultural life until television knocked them off the throne. Nowadays, most of them have been destroyed or re-purposed but some are left standing to fight a losing battle with time.  And their struggle, is a harrowing event to witness.

Matt Lambros

Photo credit: Matt Lambros : mlambrosphotography.com

Matt Lambros captures the haunting beauty of these 20th century ruins and plays the role of artist and archaeologist in his “After the Final Curtain” exposition. Through his lens, this graduate of Boston University’s digital imaging and photojournalism programs sheds light on these vestiges of American culture and highlights the efforts needed to re-purpose them. Social agenda aside, the exposition is awe inspiring, slightly disturbing and 100 % worth your time. You can catch this young artist’s work in the Royal Monceau’ Art District Gallery as from June 2nd to June 24th 2017. 


Forgotten Heritage“: Rediscovering our Forgotten Heritage by Matthew Emmett

For Matthew Emmett, the warning signs strewn outside derelict industrial sites are calls to adventure instead of the harsh deterrents they’re meant to be. 

“Keep out”, “Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted” “No Entry”, the more aggressive, the more compelling, and Emmett gives in,  crossing the threshold of these modern day ruins to explore the alien landscapes hidden within.  The decay, the emptiness, the silence, and the haunting beauty of these abandoned spaces remind us of humanity’s weakness in the face of time, and if you’ve ever been tempted to explore them, Emmett’s work proves that it can be worth the risk.

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