Say what you want about British cuisine, but come Christmas, there’s nothing quite like it.

This end of year, tables all across the UK will be laden with pies, geese, gravy and all manner of comfort foods to celebrate the festive season. Delicious, indeed. But original? That’s another matter.

If you’re hosting and want to spice your Christmas spread with something a little special, you’ll have to rack your brains to find the wow factor you need… or, you can turn to the Claridge’s to provide a slice of elegance and refinement to your dinner that only a handful of people will have access to, the Claridge’s Christmas Pudding.

As can be expected of the Claridge’s, this is much more than a gift for the sweet tooths.

Made from a century old recipe, the Claridge’s Christmas Pudding is a recognized seasonal landmark among London’s well-heeled, and a limited number of 150 will be created for distribution.

Tradition and custom being an integral part of its recipe, the Claridge’s entire pastry team – along with the hotel’s Pastry Chef Kimberley Lin – will take part in an annual ritual which involves stirring a giant bowl of the pudding mixture while making a wish for the new year.

But it’s not all about tradition and exclusivity. Made from ingredients which include sultanas, apples, grated carrots, and generous amounts of cognac and dark rum; this could well be one of the tastiest items on your Christmas menu.

The Claridge’s Christmas Pudding heralds a slew of special events for the Christmas season at the hotel including the unveiling of their designer Christmas tree (this year, designed by Sir Jony Ive and Marc Newson) and their Christmas Afternoon tea, one of the most coveted light dining experiences in London.

The Claridge’s Christmas Pudding will be available as from November 16 and will be priced at £40 for the 600gms pudding and £55 for 1kg puddings. For more information, jump on the phone with us and we’ll help you secure one of these rare dinner items.

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