La Réserve Genève, is the five star of choice for well heeled Europeans who want to disconnect from the world without exiling themselves to some far flung corner of it.

Known for its idyllic location on the shores of Lake Geneva, fantastical African safari designs by Jacques Garcia, and a spa which unashamedly spans one whole floor of the building; La Réserve Genève is Switzerland’s hottest hotel, but with a limited room count of 102 rooms and long list of returning guests, entering this hallowed circle is nothing short of a privilege. 

Since the Michelin Guide’s 2016 edition, it’s added to its gravitational pull with Geneva’s first Michelin star Chinese restaurant, the Tsé Fun.

Following its renovation in 2015 by designer Jacques Garcia, the Tsé Fun was a stunning 1930’s Shanghai palace with a problem: an empty kitchen to be filled.

La Réserve Genvève - Tsé Fun Restaurant

A victim of its own popularity, Europe struggles to see Chinese cuisine as anything more than the €9.50 takeaway box. With these preconceptions, and Switzerland’s strong culinary heritage to contend with, the spanking new Tsé Fun needed someone special in the kitchens if it was to achieve its full potential.

So when the time came to find their gem, La Réserve Genève set their sights on Paris, and found a Chef who not only worked in one of the most prestigious hotels in the world, but managed to bag them a Michelin star as well.

From doubters to believers

Chef Frank Xu had only worked in his native China and Hong Kong prior to his arrival at the Shangri-La Paris in 2011.

Hailing from a family which counts three generations of Chefs and with over 30 years experience under his belt; Frank Xu was always a good bet to help convince the European palate to look past the takeaway box and see Chinese food as the rich gourmet experience that it is.

Aided by four sous-chefs from his native Canton: a dim sum maker, chopper, barbecue expert and a wok chef, Frank Xu succeeded in carving a niche for gourmet Chinese cuisine in Paris, and earned the Shangri-La’s Shang Palace a Michelin star, before heading to Geneva and repeating the feat. 


Le Tsé Fun

Chef Frank Xu’s, proven record of winning people over with the flavors of his native Canton made him the ideal candidate to fill the void at the Tsé Fun. Armed with Michelin star ambitions and the support of his four sous-chefs, Frank Xu wasted no time in earning the Tsé Fun its first Michelin star.

“The initial vision pursued by Michel Reybier first succeeded in winning over our clients, and now the world’s best guide is giving us a star. This is a source of huge pride for the entire team at La Réserve Genève” says General Manager Laurent Branover. “ Far from being the end of the journey, this reward marks the start of a story that will be about making Geneva an ambassador for supremely refined Chinese cuisine. Chef Frank Xu works tirelessly to create new dishes, some of which await discovery on the menu as of the end of the week”.

This latest award grants La Réserve bragging rights for being one of the few hotel chains with a Michelin Star in every property in their portfolio.

If you would like to book La Réserve Genève for your next travels, get in touch with us, and we’d be more than happy to help you out.



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