Looking for a luxury hotel in Berlin? Our limited selection of three doesn’t spoil you for choice but believe it or not; that’s a good thing.

Because paralysis by analysis is a real problem.

A recent study of American families revealed that 89% of them are stressed out when deciding on a location for their travels. That’s one of the most ironical stats you will find on the internet. And quite frankly, why does it even exist?

Travelling is meant to feel good, and getting bogged down at the planning stage is a 20th century problem that can just disappear; after all we’re here now.

You can always scour the internet to decide where to stay on your trip, but to be honest, if you’re only after the best luxury hotels in Berlin, save yourself some time and pick one from the three listed below.

Which one is right for you? We’ll let you decide, but to help you along we’ve highlighted what makes them special in this post so that you can make your choice, stress free.



Hotel Adlon Kempinski

Best Luxury Hotel to stay in Berlin- Hotel Adlon Kempinski 2

Stay for :

– The 24 hour Butler service

– A direct view onto the Brandenburg Gate

– The Two Michelin star restaurant

– Just renovated! Brand new Lobby area looks amazing

– A Mercedes AMG test drive while you’re there

– Home to one of the best spas in the city


Berlin’s original Grande Dame is still the cream of the crop and hasn’t lost an ounce of its glamour over it’s 109 year history.

Sure, its complete destruction in WWII did throw a spanner in the works, but after it was rebuilt from scratch in 1997; it shot right back to the top of the pecking order where it belongs.

The Adlon 2.0 remains faithful to the original building’s designs and looks right at home alongside landmarks such as the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate, so if you’re in love with the opulence and aesthetics of the early 20th century; it’s the Berlin hotel for you.



Best Luxury Hotel to stay in Berlin

Presidential Suite

Hotel Adlon Kempinski- Restaurant Terrace

Restaurant terrace

Best Luxury Hotels in Berlin

Restaurant terrace

Most rooms offer views onto the Brandenburg Gate. And, since the Berlin Senate declared the landmark a traffic free zone, the Adlon Kempinski is the closest you’ll get to an urban oasis in Berlin. 

Spa lovers will want to try the excellent Resense spa designed by Anne Maria Jagdfeld and the Lorenz Adlon Eszimmer, the hotel’s two Michelin star restaurant is hands down one of the best eats in the city. For a taste of old world luxury and service, do yourself a favor and book the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. There’s nothing else quite like it.



The Ritz-Carlton Berlin

The Best Luxury Hotels in Berlin

Stay for :

– Top notch location for business travellers in Berlin

– Unique architectural design

– Home to some of the most innovative bars in the city. Perfect for networking.

– Very family friendly. There’s Mercedes Benz Peddle pushers for the kids.

– Overlooks all the greenery of the Tiergarten

– 5 minutes away from the biggest mall in Berlin.

This towering skyscraper on Potsdamer Platz looks like it’s been plucked off the streets of New York, but that’s where the similarities with the Big Apple end. Once inside, you’re treated to baroque chandeliers, grandiose marble staircases, and an Art Deco charm that would fit right into any of the Grand Dames of the continent.

Top of the line business amenities and a central location in one of the busiest centres in Europe makes it the ideal hotel for the suit and tie warriors.

But that doesn’t mean the leisure crowd are left behind. The Ritz Carlton’s bars and dining areas are among the most innovative in the city. Fragrances, lets you sample cocktails based on perfumes from renowned brands such as Armani and Guerlain, the gentleman’s club style Curtain Club is an ideal place to network with the city’s well heeled, and the meals from the Brasserie Desbrosse’s open kitchen are deserving of Michelin star status. They just haven’t wizened up to it yet.


The Best Luxury Hotels in Berlin

Ritz Carlton Suite – living room

The Best Luxury Hotels in Berlin

Junior Suite

The Ritz-Carlton Berlin - Interiors


In the guest rooms, classical designs and the perks of modern technology are woven together with the skill of an illusionist and the views over the Tiergarten and Potsdamer Platz are second to none. If you’re travelling with your little ones, the cherry on the cake comes in the form of Mercedes pedal cars, and a welcoming attitude and menu at the Brasserie Desbrosses. Whether it’s work or play you’re in Berlin for, this gem on Potsdamer Platz let’s you do it all in complete comfort and luxury.



Hotel de Rome

The Best Luxury Hotels in Berlin

Stay for :

– The stunning designs by Olga Polizzi

– The location, right at the heart of the Mitte district

– The authentic early 19th century building

– An amazing spa experience in a jewel vault

– The afternoon tea at the Opera Court

– The four historical suites

If “location, location, location” is your motto when you travel; then make sure you book the Hotel de Rome on your next trip. Found on the Bebelplatz, right at the heart of the Mitte, a stay at the hotel brings the best of Berlin right at your doorstep. And since the building was home to the Dresdner Bank’s former headquarters; you’re guaranteed a luxury hotel experience with a little more flavor than usual.


Though they’ve splashed the cash on renovating the building from head to toe, the Rocco Forte group made sure the soul of the Dresdner’s HQ lives on, and the effect on the hotel’s design is dramatic.



Hotel de Rome - Junior Suite

Hotel de Rome – Corridors

 The Best Luxury Hotels in Berlin

Terrace Suite

 The Best Luxury Hotels in Berlin

Indoor Spa

The spa is located in the bank’s former jewel vault, the cashier’s hall is now a ballroom, and there are four historical suites to choose from including one carved out from a bank manager’s former office. To add to the building’s authenticity, many original pieces of the building are left intact, including shrapnel damage in a suite from WWII, and the 19th century glazed roof in the ballroom to name a few. If it all sounds wonderful and intriguing, just wait till you see it in person.


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