The eyes of the world are trailed on the stadiums in Rio as the Olympics enter full swing.

But not everyone cares about world records and doping controversies. For some, there’s a completely different event that’s got their heart racing; and it’s taking place in a little medieval town at the foot of the northern alps.  

The Salzburg festival is happening right now and it’s one of the most important cultural events in the world.

Though Mozart put Salzburg on the map, this summer festival made sure no one forgot about it. Ever since its inauguration in 1920, the festival has been known the world over for its high quality music and star studded cast of performers.

Salzburg festival

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From July 22nd to August 31st, the small town is a wonderland where you can walk into a production of Beckett, head across the street for a rendition of Mozart and rush to a performance of Tempest all in one day. More power to you if you manage to squeeze in a few Sacher Torten on the way.

If you’re a lover of the performing arts, the Salzburg festival is an experience you owe yourself at least once in your life as the 188 performances held across 12 venues transform the city into one grand theater.

For the full program, please visit the Salzburg festival’s official website right here. There are still tickets available for the performances and as for accommodation, the Hotel Sacher Salzburg and the Hotel Schloss Fuschl come with our highest recommendations.


Hotel Sacher Salzburg

Hotel Sacher Salzburg Exterior

Located only minutes from many of the performances, the Hotel Sacher Salzburg is exactly what you need if you want to stay immersed in the festival’s unique atmosphere.

Though you’re in the city centre, the hotel’s location on the banks of the Salzach river offers some respite from the crowds and a peaceful place to unwind in after the performances.

All rooms offer views onto the Old Town and fortress and their design is a contemporary interpretation of 19th century opulence and charm which we couldn’t held but fall in love with. The standard of service, inherited from a tradition of serving kings and queens, is flawless.

Deluxe Junior Suite Living Area Hotel Schloss Salzburg

Deluxe Junior Suite Living Area Hotel Schloss SalzburgSalzburg

Deluxe Double Room BedSalzburg

Lounge and Bar


 Hotel Schloss Fuschl

A negligible 30 minute car ride separates the Hotel Schloss Fuschl from the city center. So if you want to escape the effervescence of the festival without being miles off; you’ll find no better than this lakeside retreat.

Set in one of Austria’s most picturesque setting, the former hunting lodge of the Archbishop of Salzburg overlooks the waters of Lake Fuschl and is surrounded by acres of lush green forests. The Alps, are visible right from your hotel room.

If you want to inject some sport into your cultural escapade in Vienna, the Eugendorf golf course is only 10 minutes from the hotel and spending time in the crystal clear water of the lake is perfect in the warm weather. For a well rounded Salzburg festival experience, the Hotel Schloss Fuschl is a great option.

Hotel Schloss Fuschl

Hotel Schloss Fuschl41301-root-castle-deluxe-suite-living-area

Castle Deluxe Suite Living AreaSalzburg

Mozart Suite Living Area

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