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September is just around the corner everyone.

For most of us, that’s bad news. After all, September doesn’t get the vote for most joyous month of the year.

Everyone’s back-to-work or back-to-school, the holiday cheer is over, and the warm weather is slowly, but surely, waving us a slow and mournful goodbye. Sad times indeed.

And yet, somewhere in the world, people are jumping for joy precisely because it’s September. Who would do such a mind-bending thing? Why you of course, the smart person that’s travelling in September, that’s who.

You deserve this trip. You suffered in silence as every seat in your office emptied itself, you endured every Facebook post involving beaches and friends; #summer, became taboo on your twitter feed. But you pulled through, because you know that THE best time to travel; is September.

No crowds, great weather, the best rates everywhere you go, and that smug sense of accomplishment you get when waving arrivederci to your friends and colleagues. Yes! These July and August travelers have it all wrong and now, it’s your time to shine.

But where will you be going?

Ouch. You’ve left it to the last minute and your couch and stack of Blu-Rays don’t look so appealing anymore… what to do? Well, you can read this article. We’ve listed some of the best travel destinations in September and, at time of writing, there are still vacancies available in the hotels you’ll find there.

So go ahead, read on and enjoy your September holidays… lucky you.



Jealous of your neighbors’ trip to the Hamptons? Don’t fret, this is the ideal time to one up his staycation with a getaway to the tropical paradise of Mauritius. See who’s jealous then.

Four Seasons Resort Anahita Mauritius- ouple

Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita Mauritius

Mark Twain dubbed the island the blueprint for paradise and if you think he’s exaggerating, take a walk on a stretch of golden beach at sunset or dig your toes into the warm sand and stare at the horizon; we’re sure you’ll come around.

The sun never sets in the tropics, so even if September is, strictly speaking, winter in Mauritius; you’ll still come back looking nice and tanned and the envy of your colleagues… (how does he do it?)

Two great hotel experiences come in the form of the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita and the Constance Le Prince Maurice. Though different in style, both offer great beaches to sunbathe on and beautiful spots for selfies galore. Put them on your desk for bragging rights.

Four Seasons Resort Anahita Mauritus

Four Seasons Resort Mauritus at Anahita – Outdoor

Four Seasons Anahita Mauritius

Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita

Constance Le Prince Maurice Laguna Bar

Constance le prince Maurice Laguna Bar

Constance Le Prince Maurice - Le Barachois 1

Constance Le Prince Maurice – Le Barachois



While most of Europe will swap bathing suits for Ugg boots and get cosy for Autumn; Spain, is still in a bikini and rocking out on the beach. The weather remains very caliente throughout September and only takes a turn for the worse much later in the year. So that leaves you with plenty of time to catch up on your lost summer. And the best part is that wherever you go, be it Madrid, Barcelona or Seville; the sun will come right along with you, so in terms of hotels; you’re spoilt for choice.

September Destinations

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona – Rooftop Pool

El Palace, Interiors Lobby

El Palace – Interiors Lobby

September Destinations

Hotel Arts Barcelona


Ile de Ré

We’ve discussed the merits of visiting Paris during the month of August in a previous article.

The main reason: The Parisians aren’t there.

So where do these purveyors of elegance and style go for the summer? The beautiful Ile de Ré just off the West Coast of the South of France, that’s where.

So why should you go in September? Because that’s when they leave… of course.

Just kidding. We have an unconditional love for everything Paris related, but we also like peace and quiet and that’s exactly what Ile de Ré offers after the throng of tourists have gone.

After the July and August rush, everyone leaves the sunny coasts and heads straight back for their desks. As for the best informed, (that’s you by the way) that’s when they come in.

The best place to stay on the island has always been the Hotel de Toiras. Stay here, rent a bike, and explore the narrow streets of the city and the countryside for the best September holiday ever.

Hôtel de Toiras - Facade

Ile de Ré – Hotel de Toiras outdoor

Ile de Ré Toiras

Ile de Ré – Hotel de Toiras outdoor

Hôtel de Toiras- Premier Suite Living Room

Hotel de Toiras


Buenos Aires

Treat yourself to two Springs this year and head to Buenos Aires.

The month of September heralds the return of warmer and drier weather in the Paris of the South. Which is exactly what you need for those impromptu sessions of outdoor tango.

Buenos Aires outdoo Tango

Buenos Aires – Outdoor Tango

Yes, this sensual dance is why everyone knows Buenos Aires. But there’s a lot more to see and do in BA and September is one of the best times to do it all.

As the locals shake off the winter and take to the clubs and restaurants for late night parties and juicy meat-centric meals in the city’s Parrillas (steakhouses); there’s a sense of renewed optimism in the air that’s infectious… by the way make it a point to eat the steaks (… it’s a better reason to go than the tango).

Four Seasons Buenos Aires - Rooftop Pool

Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires – Rooftop Pool

Faena Buenos Aires - Pool

Faena Hotel Buenos Aires – Poolside

Park Hyatt Bueonos Aires Interiors

Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires



Experience Marrakech without the heat and the crowds in September. The first month of fall sees the temperature drop to a tolerable levels for non locals so, if you want to head out and explore; it’s the best time to do so. And what’s to see will challenge your world view.

The bustling souks are the perfect antidote to the boutiques of Fifth Avenue, the night sky is a never ending canopy of stars; and the hospitality of the people you’ll meet will renew your faith in humanity. Head off the beaten track and try this incredible destination for September. You won’t regret it.


Morocco  – Sand Dunes

September Destinations

Le Royal Mansour Interiors

Mandarin Oriental Marrakech exterior 2

Mandarin Oriental Marrakech – Exteriors

La Mamounia

La Mamounia

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