Belmond Governor’s Residence.


Belmond Governor's Residence

The Belmond Governor’s Residence is the hotel of choice for discerning travelers in Myanmar.  Located in the embassy quarter of the city, the hotel is within minutes of everything that makes business in Myanmar tick including, the majestic Shwedagon Pagoda.

Built in the 1920’s as a home for the ruler of Myanmar’s southern states, the Belmond Governor’s Residence is abound in colonial charm.

Teak wood, rattan chairs, tropical gardens and the sublime weather set the tone for this intimate hotel of only 45 suites and 6 rooms. Perfect for a trip back in time or to be cut off from the troubles of the world, the Belmond Governor’s Residence will have you under its spell the minute you check in.

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Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzou

Chinese poetry has always found a source of inspiration in the waters of the West Lake. Su Shi, Lin Sheng and Bai Juyi, all put brush to paper to describe the excerpts of life happening around the tranquil waters of the river.

Now, Grand Luxury Hotels members can enjoy the serenity and inspiration of Hangzhou in this exquisite Four Seasons Hotel.

One of China’s best restaurants, Jin Sha, is found here and the hotel is home to an out of this world Spa, inspired by the architecture of ancient Chinese palaces. One of the favorite pass times to indulge in here, is to travel the lake on traditional wooden Chinese row boat and when it’s time to come home, the hotel’s contemporary designs are a pleasure to return to.

Four Seasons Hangzou 2

Four Seasons Hotel Hanzouh


The Berkeley

The Berkeley 3

What’s better than shopping in Knightsbridge? Staying in Knightsbridge, and shopping in it. Of course.

The Berkeley hotel lets you do just that. Minutes away from Harrods and Harvey Nicholls, the hotel makes a great argument for being your HQ for your British shopping spree.

There’s more to the hotel than that of course. The Berkeley offers the rare opportunity of enjoying the waters of a rooftop pool during the summer months (don’t worry the pool experience is London proof thanks to a retractable roof) and the bar, the Blue Room, is one of London’s best upmarket watering holes.

The Berkeley

The Berkeley 4


Jumeirah Mina A’Salam At Madinat Jumeirah

Jumeirah Al Medina

Could the Jumeirah Mina A’Salam be the very pinnacle of luxury in Dubai?

There’s an incredible amount to see and do here. Let’s start with the numbers: 292 rooms and suites, 40 restaurants and bars, a full blown souk with over 100 shops and stalls and one incredible hotel experience.

Of course, luxury is in the details. Waterways connect every part of the resort and guests navigate them in traditional abras (water taxis). In your room, oriental carpets and ceramic urns meet flat screen tv’s and contemporary designs for a uniquely styled hotel.

Jumeirah Al Medina 3

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The Hay-Adams

The Hay Adams

The other best place to be staying at in Washington. The Hay-Adams is designed to cater for an American elite clientele and that’s exactly what it has done throughout its 96 year history.

A regular stopover for the politicians, lobbyists and Presidents in waiting, the Hay-Adams is filled with traditional American charm and there’s no doubt that the conversations that take place in the bar everyday, played a huge part in shaping this powerful nation into what it is today.

The Hay Adams 3

The Hay Adams 2


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