What do the sunny beaches of Majorca, the English countryside and Saint Petersburg have in common? A great Belmond hotel for visitors to stay in… Of course.

If you’re reading an article on this website, chance are that you’ve wined, dined and stayed in some of the best luxury properties in the world.

In other words, you know a good hotel when you see one.

But one of a kind experiences however; those are harder to find, like waking up with the misty ruins of Machu Picchu at your doorstep, enjoying a private concert by your favorite artist, or laughing at the antics of a comedian performing in the ancient Greek theater of Taormina.

Sound interesting to you? Then get in touch with us and ask if there is a Belmond hotel in your next destination, because that’s just a sample of what this incredible luxury hotel chain offers its guests.

We’ve handpicked some of the best Belmond hotels for our collection and every single one of them is worth experiencing at least once in your life. But today, we’re showcasing the ones offering something extra special for the rest of 2016.


Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

The Nevsky Prospekt is the heart and soul of Saint Petersburg. Any traveler serious about discovering the city won’t think of staying anywhere else but on this iconic thoroughfare.

Lucky then that the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe is right on it. Minutes away from the Hermitage and with direct views onto monuments such as the Church of the Savior on Blood, this hotel is right on the pulse of this magnificent city.

Champagne and Caviar 

Russia’s love affair with Caviar is a long standing one. The country is among the first producers and one of the biggest exporters of the “Black Gold”

As such, you’d expect Saint Petersburg to have its fair share of dedicated Caviar bars… and you’d be wrong. The only one you’ll find is at the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe. 

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe 1

To add to the exclusivity of their Caviar experience, the Belmond has now partnered with Champagne greats Dom Pérignon to offer a unique dining experience to its guests.

With the guidance of the hotel’s sommelier, you’ll be able to select from 12 Dom Pérignon labels to pair with your Caviar for a culinary experience that shouldn’t be missed. In addition to Champagne, the Caviar Bar and Restaurant offers a curated selection of 35 varieties of vodka and a selection of home – infused liqueurs including a particularly tasty ginger vodka with lemon and honey.


Belmond la Residencia

Belmond la Residencia

Out in the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains is where you’ll find the Belmond la Residencia. This 16th century manor overlooks the village of Deia, a quiet and picturesque setting where artists flock to for inspiration. Deia’s past residents include luminaries such as Robert Graves, but you don’t need an artistic bone in your body to make this dramatic landscape your muse. One stay at the Belmond La Residencia, and you’re sure to leave inspired.

Host with the most 

If you consider yourself a good host (or wondered how your friends pull it off so well) the Belmond La Residencia’s the “Host with the Most”, class is perfect for you.

Whether you want to brush up on your skills or learn the basics, the “Host with the Most” will teach you how to bring the sunny side of Spain to your events back home.

After this one hour masterclass, you’ll be able to add refreshing cocktails made from fresh lemons and herbs and easy to make tapas to your arsenal of the perfect host. If your friends ask you for your secret, just say that you learnt it all in a quiet town on the coasts of the Mediterranean, and leave it at that…


Belmond le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons

Belmond le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons 2

Whether it’s for the incredible restaurant or the charm of the hotel, staying at the Belmond le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons is a must if you love the British countryside. Set in the picturesque Oxfordshire, there’s classic British charm to be found all around… with a bit of a French twist.

French Chef and owner Raymond Blanc’s passion and desire for perfection is everywhere to be seen at the Belmond le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons.

32 individually designed rooms exude contemporary charm without losing their country house feel, and the restaurant, considered among the best in Oxford, is practically a pilgrimage site for the self respecting epicure. To be seated at this table, is a privilege.

Whatever vegetables and herbs you will find in your plate are plucked from the hotel’s expansive kitchen garden, amid which, you’ll find a serene Japanese zen area and a collection of specially commissioned bronze statues which give the place a magical “je ne sais quoi”.

Raymond Blanc Festival of Music 

This October, musos staying at the Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons are in for an intimate performance by two prominent names of the Jazz scene.

International artists Jamie Cullum (Oct 5th) and Katherine Jenkins (Oct 6th) are set to perform at the 25th Raymond Blanc Festival of Music.

The three part event starts with guests enjoying a Laurent-Perrier Champagne reception before being guided down a torch lit path to the St Mary’s Church for the evening’s performance. Afterwards, a sumptuous dinner prepared by Raymond Blanc awaits the concert goers. If the travel home seems to much of a stretch afterwards, we highly recommend that you spend the night.

Belmond le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons

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