La Réserve Genève: New Rooms, Pizzas & Teslas


Good news for fans of La Réserve Genève. If it’s been a while since you’ve stayed at your favorite hotel, well there’s never been a better time to head back. Because La Réserve Genève, has a fair few novelties lined up for its guests in 2016.

One of the reasons to be packing your bags, is the brand new redesign of the hotel’s Junior Suites and Deluxe rooms. Imagined by designer Jacques Garcia, the rooms at la Réserve Genève evoke a sense exoticism and wonder while being firmly planted on the shores of Lake Geneva.


Junior Suite

It’s a special feeling. In here, you’ll find plastic cut outs of tropical birds perched on lamps, vintage travel photographs on your bedroom walls, leopard print fabric on your chair and a giant copper elephant head watching over you at the Loti restaurant. Add to that, the Motoscafo ride separating you from the heart of Geneva, and La Réserve Genève really feels like an exotic imaginary world where it’s good to come and unwind.

The room’s redesigns are respectful of Garcia’s vision, and the subtle enhancements won’t alienate La Réserve Genève’s many returning guests who will discover oiled oak flooring, leather bound writing desks, a warm palette of colors and much spacier interiors giving onto private courtyards or outdoor terraces. Though perfection may not be of this world… this definitely comes close.

La Réserve Genève

The hotel is also the proud new owner of a black Tesla Model S vehicle. This eco- friendly electric luxury vehicle is an additional service for guests who need an airport transfer or a trip to the city center. With the capability of accelerating from 0 to 100km/h in under 4 seconds and ultra plush interiors, the Tesla sure beats your run of the mill taxi ride when it comes to moving about the city.

But If you have no plans on leaving La Réserve Genève’s cosy confines, the hotel’s Summer Lodge restaurant offers a great Alfresco dining experience that is well worth staying in for.

La Réserve Genève Summer Lodge

Summer Lodge

This summer, Chef Ricardo Scaioli adds 5 exceptional pizzas to the restaurant’s menu which are sure to please even the most die hard connoisseurs. These carefully prepared masterpieces supplement a menu already rich in quality seafood, sushi and meats, each prepared by a specialized Chef.

La Réserve Genève is made for connoisseurs of luxury and the guests that come here are part of an exclusive inner circle. If you would to experience this unique hotel chain’s philosophy and make the most of our exclusive perks, here’s how you can do so. See you there.

La-Reserve-Geneve-King-Deluxe-416-1 (2)

King Deluxe


Deluxe Room


Junior Suite


Junior Suite


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