Are you losing sleep and yet feeling surprisingly euphoric? If the answer to that is yes, don’t worry, those are the symptoms of early Spring and the best cure is to just embrace it.

La Réserve Paris Hôtel & Spa certainly are and have reopened their southern terraces so their guests can appreciate the fair weather as well.

Located on the prestigious Avenue Gabriel and only minutes from Les Champs-Elysées and the Grand Palais, the hotel is in one of Paris’s busiest and most touristic areas… but you won’t notice any of that while you’re seated on the terrace.

La Réserve Paris Hotel & Spa

At La Réserve, it’s the sound of music, clinking glasses and cutlery you’ll be hearing more than anything else for even though the hotel is at the heart of Paris, you won’t find a more quiet and discreet location.

As the warmer months are back, guests can now appreciate restaurant Le Gabriel’s seasonal menu Al fresco. The tables of this two Michelin stars eat are some of the most sought after in Paris and the menu for the summer 2016 is sure to add some names to an already packed reservation list. Caesar Salad with Blue Lobster, grilled John Dory with mayonnaise or Kristal Gold caviar with blinis… sounds like sunshine on a plate an we can’t wait to give it a try.

In other news, brilliant hotelier Didier Le Calvez is now the General Manager of Paris’s La Réserve Hotel & Spa and CEO of La Réserve Hotels. The former President of Le Bristol and Vice President of the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, is set to bring over 20 years of expertise to La Réserve brand and we’re eager to see the effect that he will have.

Here’s what the man himself had to say about his appointment: “This is a real opportunity for me to be joining one of the groups founded by the French entrepreneur Michel Reybier, whom I thank trust. The new position involves a link with man, and I consider it a privilege to be working directly with this true visionary in the hospitality world. My work will consist of implementing his philosophy, just as I did for Isadore Sharp, CEO of Four Seasons. I am passionate about redefining an art of living based on an innovative view of luxury. I hope to ensure that each La Réserve Hotel forges an unmistakable identity as a place filled with a unique spirit, in which all guests can enjoy the sense of being aesthetes feeling at home, and where excellence is both a mission and a promise for a circle of initiates sharing the same values”

Best of luck Mr. Le Calvez!

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