5 one bedroom suites in Marrakech you should know about


Is there a country more diverse and spectacular than Morocco? The gem of north Africa offers the travel experience you want on a silver platter. All you have to do is ask. Whether you’re in the mood to haggle for gold threaded babouches in the souks, sip al fresco drinks on an open rooftop or just relax in the private plunge pool of your Riad; there’s a lot for you to do and see here. If you need any convincing, here’s a selection of some great one bedroom suites for couples and small families in Morocco’s top hotels.


La Mamounia

When life becomes too hectic, those in the know smash the glass, press a panic button and are rushed off by jet and vehicle to La Mamounia…. Straight to the steamy interiors of a hammam preferably.

The Grande Dame of Marrakech serves as the refuge of the Winston Churchill’s and Sharon Stone’s of this world. They pop out of their transfer vehicles, drop their troubles in the arms of the doormen, and get an As – Salaam- Alaikum and a smile in exchange. Then, it’s right on through to one of the most luxurious hotel stays that money can buy.

Of course, you don’t need a legion of fans or your name in the papers to make the most of the hotels’ strict “ No Stress” policy. Regular couples can have it good too and if you’re after something cosy and intimate for your getaway “a deux” then the Park Suite, comes with our highest recommendations.

La Mamounia Park Suite 3

Ideal for that sought after sense of place, the Park Suite offers a direct view of the Koutoubia mosque’s minaret and of the hotel’s UNESCO heritage garden. To start the day off on the right foot, a cup of mint tea on your room terrace is the way to go.


Palais Namaskar

Spend time in the thick of the Moroccan souks, and you’ll struggle to call the country “tranquil”. Stay at the Palais Namaskar however, and you won’t call it anything else. Located 20 minutes from the hustle and bustle of central Marrakech, within the Palmeraie oasis, the first taste of luxury that the Palais Namaskar offers its guests, is the serenity of its location. And it doesn’t stop at that.


Set within acres of manicured gardens, this hotel of 41 suites and villas places the emphasis on quiet luxury and does it very well. Even at capacity, you’ll still feel like it’s your private abode on the edge of the desert. And exploring said home is an absolute treat.

Grandiose moorish archways and pillars dwarf you as you pass by. In the lush gardens, tiled ornamental pools sprout like mini oases and in the distance, loom the snow capped Atlas mountains. It’s breathtaking, and in the evenings, by candlelight, it transforms into a surreal scene that will stay with you forever. For its incredible amount of space and amazing looks, we’ve selected the Pool suite for our showcase. Draw the billowing sheers around your terrace for complete privacy, step into the heated water of the pool and sip on a tasty cocktail. Lazy afternoon’s don’t get much better.


Four Seasons Resort Marrakech

Four Seasons Hotel Marrakech

Fans of the Four Seasons will love their property in Marrakech and those on the fence will leave convinced.

Set in 40 acres of Moorish gardens and featuring 141 rooms of exquisite contemporary design, the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is a modern hotel that blends a sense of place with the contemporary and familiar atmosphere that the chain is known for.

There is a caveat. Though the rooms here are modern and opulent, if it weren’t for the views of the Atlas and the Menara gardens, it’s easy to forget that you’re in Morocco… and that’s not a bad thing at all. Many people choose to stay here just for that, especially the business and bleisure crowds on an extended trip. 3 excellent golf courses, within walking distance of the hotel, and great activities for the family, help tip the scales in favor of this excellent hotel.

For our room of choice we’ve selected the elegant Deluxe Suite. Its private terrace offers direct views onto the gardens and Atlas mountains and its contemporary designs accented by tasteful Moroccan woodwork and Zelige tilings, make it a great option for your Moroccan getaway.


Royal Mansour

You may have tried and loved a suite only hotel, but what about the Riad only option? Could it be better? Well the Royal Mansour gives you the opportunity to find out.

The hotel’s story reads like a lost chapter from the Arabian nights. Born from King Mohammed VI’s ambition to rebrand Marrakech as a luxury destination, 3000 traditional craftsmen, including Cabinetmakers, masons, carpenters and artisans, were drafted to created the only entirely hand built hotel in the world. The result is an experience that is well and truly in a class of its own.

Royal Mansour

The Royal Mansour is set within a magnificent garden where 800 year old olive trees grow alongside bubbling fountains, date palms and fragrant orange blossoms. Every one of its 55 riads comes with a private butler and an army of staff that materialize out of thin air when needed. No supernatural powers at play here, only golf caddies which they drive through a network of underground tunnels and elevators to answer your every beck and call in no time.

This is a hotel unlike anything else we’ve seen before and staying here is akin to experiencing the lifestyle of Moroccan royalty. The highest category one bedroom option, is the Premier Riad. Set over three floors, you’ll have access to an interior courtyard, bedroom suite and a sun deck rooftop, all to yourself.

The open air courtyard, on the ground floor, is an area for quiet contemplation with silk cushions, and a bubbling central fountain. Should you need to get any work done, it also comes equipped with a writing desk… though that would be a waste. You’ll find bespoke furniture and an out of this world thread count in the bedroom floor, and up on the sun deck, a private plunge pool and fireplace. In terms of luxury, few can compare.


Mandarin Oriental Marrakech

Mandarin Oriental Marrakech

Opened in 2015, The Mandarin Oriental is a latecomer to the luxury hotel party in Marrakech and even though it’s been around for less than a year, its dance card is already full.

It’s no surprise. The Mandarin’s first foray into the African market is an exercise in understated luxury and cutting edge design. It’s the group’s signature style and in their Marrakech property, it looks at its best.

Contemporary designs accented by subtle Moroccan elements hint at a sense of place instead of pointing at them with blinking neon signs and that’s fine by us, especially when you see the creative license given to the spa. Our personal favorite, the 15,000 square foot spa by French duo Gilles & Boissier is a red bricked temple of zen inspired by Andalusian Cathedrals and Mosques and it’s the reason you’ll be booking a return trip as soon as you can.

The hotel’s pool villas are private retreats which you will love to call home. In line with Moorish traditions, the outdoors blend seamlessly with the rustic berber and Arab- Andalusian inspired interiors of the rooms. Out in the courtyard, a stunning private pool and jacuzzi serve as centre pieces to the suite. If you don’t want to partake in the numerous activities the hotel has on offer, spending the days here, is a great use of your time.


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