The 5 best Hotel Suites for Small Family Vacations in the Tropics



It’s time for a family getaway and you’re having a headache trying to keep everyone happy.

No one is on the same page. The lines between love and hate for your in laws is getting blurred (not the French Riviera again!), your teenage kids would rather die than spend time with you and your newly married son really needs his privacy.

Whichever situation best describes you, you’ll need some help.

Even when planning for a small family (4 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids) choosing the right hotel can get rather complicated. You can always book separate rooms, but that won’t cut it if you want to keep your clan together for that vacation home atmosphere.

Unless you’re planning to travel with over 5 people, booking a two room suite is the best way to go.  To make your life a little easier, we’ve selected 5 great destinations and suites that should keep every family member- whether young, old or somewhere in between- content. Our main criteria: warm weather and warm smiles… in other words, pack your bags for the tropics!

Rosewood Mayakoba, Riviera Maya

Rosewood Mayakona two bedroom Suite

No matter your age group, you’re guaranteed a good time in this sun splashed destination because there’s something for everyone. Whether that’s Mayan ruins for the explorers, Playa Del Carmen’s booming clubs for the night owls or of course, the sandy white beaches for those who take relaxation seriously. 

We’ve got mexico’s best hotels in our collection and you can have a look at all of them right here but our pick for the best 2 bedroom suite goes to the Rosewood’s Two Bedroom Deluxe Mayakoba Suite which understands two things about family vacations. 1) You need space so that you don’t tread on anyone’s toes and 2) you want plenty of pretty things to look at when you open the window. Check on both counts.

Rosewood Mayakoba PoolRosewood Mayakoba, Two bedroom suite 2

The rooms of the suite are on two separate levels (each with their own bathrooms and closet space) ensuring privacy and comfort for guests, two things the Rosewood takes very seriously. 24 hour Butler service is available along with a rooftop sundeck and a heated plunge pool which gives onto gorgeous views of the Caribbean. 

Raffles Praslin, Seychelles

Raffles Praslin 2 bedroom Villa

The Seychelles is favored by newlyweds looking for that perfect beach side wedding picture. But that doesn’t mean you should steer clear if you’re not planning on tying the knot. Quite the contrary. Families after peace and quiet will love this tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean and the Indiana Jones like activity list should keep the younger ones happily entertained.

Choosing the best two room suite for the Seychelles was quite the headache (plenty of options to see right here) but since we could only pick one, the Raffles Praslin’s two bedroom ocean villa had to take the prize for its drop dead gorgeous views and smart use of space. A generous 70 square meter parlor lies at the heart of the suite and gives onto a generous pavilion and open air balcony. That’s where we bet you’ll be spending the bulk of your time, huddled around the barbecue grill or relaxing in the infinity plunge pool that gives onto the magnificent views of blue oceans and lush green mountains. 

Raffles Praslin Seychelles PLunge PoolRaffles Praslin 2

St Regis Bali Resort, Bali

St Regis Bali

Bali is a great destination for cross generation luxury travel. The hotels there combine natural elements, contemporary designs and excellent service to perfection so if you just want to relax and get pampered, you’re in very good hands. The more adventurous souls among you will love Bali’s renowned nightlife and discovering its rich melting pot of culture. But if the latter are staying at the St Regis Grand Astor suite, they may have a problem leaving the hotel at all.

This magnificent suite offers 518 meter square of space to its guests, and we expected nothing less from a hotel room named after the family that founded the St Regis chain. And it’s not just the size that is deserving of the name. The terrace is home to a grandiose infinity pool which gives onto garden and ocean side views and it’s the ideal place to unwind with the family. Guests will also have access to the St Regis’s famous private butler service, a fully equipped kitchen and last but not least, a grand piano where you can express any impromptu inspiration.

St Regis Balir Suite poolSt Regis Bali Room

Anantara Kiahava Villas, Maldives

Anatara Kiahava Villas

The Maldives are one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Of course its neighbors make a good case for themselves too but an atoll made of 1,190 isolated islands bathed in crystal clear waters sounds like a tropical wonderland. A luxury wonderland to be more precise.

There’s enough quality hotels here- some of which are in our collection– to keep you coming back for years, but we’ve selected The Anantara Khiavah Villas bedroom over water pool residence as the best choice for family time. Why? Because of its incredible size, its open air design and the fact that its name is not as far-fetched as it sounds. The clear skies and ocean seem at one with it, which is perfect, because the last thing you want to see all day is four walls when you’re in the Maldives.

Make the most of your down time by lounging on one of the suite’s daybeds or by sitting down for a meal in one of the over water dining pavilions. Feeding the manta rays and other fish swimming beneath the pavilion’s sea view glass is optional and if you’re not in the mood for diving in with your marine guests, you can always slide inside your private pool and have your butler pour you something nice while you enjoy the sunset. If paradise is somewhere on earth, it’s probably here.

Anantara Kiahava BedroomAnantara Kiahava


Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Singapore Shangri La 2

In the mood for a bleisure trip? Fast paced Singapore is as exciting for the business warrior as it is for those who just want to let their hair down… and hit the restaurants. Though it’s no Hong Kong, Singapore’s eclectic eats have quite the reputation among foodies and since the country’s status as millionaire’s playground has grown in recent years, there’s plenty of gourmet eats to indulge in if you’d rather avoid the cramped food courts and noodle stands. Alternatively, you could just order in room dining at the Shangri La’s Valley Wing Room suite. We’re sure that it’s just as good. 

The Shangri-La hotel Singapore is the hotel chain’s flagship property. It delivers luxury in spades – a 15 acre garden in the middle of Singapore! – and the Valley Wing Room suite is one of its most opulent options. Located on the 17th level of the hotel and accessible via a private entrance and elevator, the suite guarantees discretion for those who want to keep things under wraps. A dedicated butler will cater to your needs after a busy day of shopping on Orchard Road, and an elegant study lets your carry on your business in the utmost comfort. Both of the bedrooms are equipped with marble en suite bathrooms and amazing vistas of the Singaporean skyline, our favorite feature in the room by far. 

Singapore Shangri LaSingapore Shangri La 3

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