Le Cinq: Paris’s New Three Michelin Star Restaurant



A winning move from the Four Seasons George V! Only one year after appointing Christian Le Squer as the Executive Chef of Le Cinq, the restaurant is now the proud owner of the coveted three Michelin Stars title. A worthy achievement indeed, but not a surprising one.

After all, Le Squer’s tenure at the prestigious Pavillon Ledoyen restaurant, and the impressive list of Michelin stars that followed, are proof enough of his ability as a world class Chef. But you don’t get awards by resting on your laurels. The ability to innovate, is key.

Le Cinq Restaurant

A place where quality is consistent and culinary exploration encouraged, Le Squer’s kitchen feels like a cross between an artist’s studio and the lab of an innovative business maverick. On a daily basis, members of his team are allotted R&D time to sample and perfect ideas born from the Chef’s creative mind, and after a painstaking process of sampling and crafting which can last months, a new dish emerges from the kitchens, and onto Le Cinq’s menu for you to choose.

And it’s well worth the wait. Dressed in a deceptively simple, yet aesthetic attire, said dishes are atom bombs of flavor that’ll explode upon first bite, revealing every layer of inspiration packaged within.  

Drawing his creativity from the seas and farms of his native Brittany, Le Squer proposes tantalizing dishes such as the “Line-Fished Sea Bass”, a serving of sparkling caviar and fresh sea bass drenched in frothing French buttermilk, and when inspiration comes from afar, charcoal grilled Japanese Wagyu beef served with truffle and olive tapenade or flavorsome Scottish Grouse with chestnut and pasta that is simply to die for.

Le Cinq Nov 15 2

Backed by the work of renowned Restaurant Manager & Sommelier Eric Beaumard and the beautifully redesigned interiors of Le Cinq, Christian Le Squer has all the ingredients at hand to continue down the path of innovation and maintain the restaurant’s Michelin Stars. We’re already looking forward to our next booking.

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