Hotel Arts Barcelona: The Quiet Side of Catalonia


You’ve spent the day exploring Barcelona and you’re exhausted. The sun is shining, your shoes have stomped on every bit of the Passeig de Gracia, you’ve stared at all the Gaudi you can, eaten an ocean’s worth of seafood and now you’re ready to call it a day and get your beauty sleep.

But in Barcelona, sleep isn’t a priority.

Fueled by their siestas, the Spanish eat, drink and party till late (workweek or not) and their music and infectious laughter will creep out of the clubs and bars, slip right through your “soundproofed” windows and keep you up late at night, until you just give in and join them.

Since there’s no use counting sheep to the sound of thumping bass lines, a more “secluded” place to stay the night is what you’ll need for a good shut eye.

And the Hotel Arts Barcelona may be just the thing for you.

The Hotel Arts Barcelona is located by the Barceloneta beach and is the ideal place from which to discover the city’s vibrant beach culture, the bulk of which, takes place safely during the day. Though you’ll wake up to the sound of waves, you’re only 10 minutes drive from the heart of the city center and the Passeig de Gràcia, but it’s a safe enough distance for a good night’s sleep and a relaxed vibe.


Artsy vibe

Hotel Arts Barcelona Art

Peace and quiet is not all you’ll find here. The Hotel Arts Barcelona is a contemporary hotel that justifies its name with an impressive collection of Spanish art and a landmark design that regularly turns heads on the Barceloneta. The brainchild of Architect Bruce Graham, the hotel’s design is synonymous with the city’s cultural renaissance of 1992 and boasts refinement and elegance down to the smallest detail.

Hotel Arts Barcelona Room 2Hotel arts Barcelona room 3

Being the tallest building on the waterfront, the hotel rooms feel like pods of comfort caught between sea and sky and the view which unfolds outside your window never gets old. Incredibly well designed, the light colors and airy atmosphere of the rooms act as an extension of the vista and are an absolute joy to stay in.

Hotel Arts Barcelona Room 1


A spa in the skies

Hotel Arts Barcelona Spa

A slice of heaven overlooking the waters of the Mediterranean, the hotel’s spa is located on the 43rd floor of the hotel and offers panoramic views from its open air terraces and sauna. It’s by far one of the hotel’s best features. With signature treatments and top of the line products from Spanish skincare brand Natura Bissé, hydrotherapy pools, steam baths and eight treatment suites with stunning views over city and ocean, the hotel’s 43 Spa is an absolute delight to experience.


A treat for Epicures

Epicures are spoilt for choice at the Hotel Arts Barcelona. Six restaurants and bars compete for your attention and offer an array of options ranging from light dining to internationally recognized Catalan cuisine.

Hotel Arts Barcelona Enoteca

Located on the hotel’s terrace, the Arola is where Chef Sergi Arola applies flair and innovation to a tantalizing tapas menu, the Café Veranda is a light filled space with the scent of fresh coffee and warm breakfast, while the poolside restaurant, Marina, is where you lunch on wood baked pizzas and cheese platters al fresco. Every evening at the Enoteca, Chef Paco Pérez sets the stage for a display where Mediterranean food is king. A display where over 700 wines, freshly caught seafood and seasonal ingredients are combined and composed into an exquisite menu worth two Michelin stars.

Hotel Arts Barcelona BuffetHotel arts arola terrace

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