There’s nothing quite like sipping on a scotch while enjoying the smooth tunes of a live jazz session.

From its once humble origins, the genre is now associated with sophisticated taste and goes hand in hand with the image of a luxury lifestyle. Riding on the wave created by the St. Regis New York during the golden era of jazz, many luxury hotel bars are now featuring top artists for the pleasure of their guests. So if you want to discover this side of the hotel scene, we’ve regrouped some of the iconic hotel jazz bars around the world for you to discover.

The Carlyle a Rosewood Hotel: Café Carlyle

The Café Carlyle is one super classy time machine, and if you want to be carried back to golden days of jazz, the Cafés decor, atmosphere and of course, the music, will take you right there. The venue regularly showcases the scene’s finest, such as the Loston Harris and Earl Rose, but even if those names leave you nonplussed, head there on Mondays to see Woody Allen play with the Eddy Davis New Orleans Band for that extra star factor.

Cafe Carlyle

Fairmont Peace Hotel: The Jazz Bar

Another Jazz venue that serves nostalgia in spades and it’s not in the likeliest place either. The atmosphere of the Fairmont Peace Hotel’s, The Jazz Bar, wouldn’t feel out of place in New York, but pinch yourself in disbelief as much as you want and you’ll still be in bustling Shanghai.

But it’s not just the authentic jazz club atmosphere that pulls the crowds.

The hotel features a jazz band with an average age of 80– probably the oldest in the world– and though these cool cats have played for the likes of Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, they’ve still got the skills to keep their 21st century guests grooving. Recently starring in a documentary film by director Uli Gulke which recounts the trials and tribulations of the band throughout its long history, the Old Jazz Band have earned themselves a place in the Jazz hall of fame and these legends of the scene are well worth a listen.


As Time Goes By in Shanghai - © Neue Visionen FilmverleihPhoto credit : As Time Goes By in Shanghai – © Neue Visionen Filmverleih

The Wellesley: Jazz Lounge

The Wellesley is a relative newcomer to the luxury hotel scene in London, but you wouldn’t know it judging by the number of fans that regularly choose to call it home. The hotel has got all the perks that account for its boisterous entry into the market: its own super yacht, a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, a cigar humidor and its unique blend of contemporary and classic style, it’s all here, but another show stealer, is its jazz lounge.

The Wellesley Jazz Lounge

Offering a bevy of young talent which have plied their trade with international artists or on broadway, the Jazz Lounge, is the place to be if you’re out to discover some of the hidden (and some not so hidden) gems of the scene.

St.Regis Doha: Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha

Many luxury hotels are now providing live jazz in their watering holes and you’ve got the St. Regis to thank for that. Duke Ellington, Buddy Ellis, Billie Holiday, all the headlining acts of the genre’s golden era have performed at some point in the now iconic St.Regis Rooftop Ballroom and the chain has been associated with jazz music ever since.

To further cement the reputation, the St. Regis’s are now collaborating with the rock star-esque Jamie Cullum for the “Jazz Legends at St.Regis” series and the Jazz at Lincoln Center, allowing guests of the St. Regis Doha to enjoy music played by the artists from the center over a meal. Rarely has dinner and a show been so soulful and well executed and the experience should definitely be on your bucket list if you’re a jazz fan.

St Regis Doha

The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok: Bamboo Bar

Forget the smoke and neon lights, this Bangkok bar is all about sipping designer cocktails and listening to the creamy smooth tunes of the the jazz scene’s finest performers.

Since the 1940’s the Bamboo Bar has been the go to music venue for those in the know: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Bryan Ferry they’ve all played or enjoyed a drink here and they’re only a few of the names from the bar’s red carpet guest list. The Bamboo Bar has emerged from a renovation in late 2014 with a sexy new design and looks set to attract the big names to its stage once again

Bangkok Bamoboo Bar


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