A stylish 21st century bar with history so rich it could fill up a history undergraduate’s semester. The Connaught Bar is impeccable in every aspect, whether it be its shimmering silver leaf Art Deco setting, the encyclopedic knowledge of its bar staff or the Hélène Darroze nibbles being served, this glittering watering hole is excellence personified.

The Connaught hotel is blessed with two excellent bars, the Coburg, which offers a discreet and decidedly upmarket venue for a quiet drink and the Connaught, which laughs at sombreness like a tipsy Marilyn Monroe at a presidential birthday, so in case you were wondering, yes, this jewel box of a bar is decidedly the more glamourous of the pair and probably where you should go if being seen is what you’re after.

Connaught Bar

The tone here is set by the bar’s stunning good looks. The plush seating, low lighting and silver leaf décor create an aura of luxury and exclusivity that makes the Connaught bar feel like it ought to come with a “do not touch” sign somewhere.

The design complements the sophistication of the crowd which is made up of hotel guests and business types, so if you’re coming off the street (they operate a no reservation policy) you better look the part.

Even if this is not the kind of place you would usually go to for a drink, it’s definitely worth the splurge, especially for one of the drinks from their martini trolley, conjured on the spot by the deft hands of a maestro (they’re only stirred here, never shaken so don’t go and make a fool of yourself and ask).

Connaught Bar

With its style, glamour and perfectly made martini’s, the Connaught bar could easily become your favorite in Mayfair. Go on and give it a try to find out what all the fuss is about.

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