Hong Kong is the home of contemporary art in March and the Grande Dame of the Far East is not one to be left out of the festivities. The Peninsula Hong Kong’s collaboration with the Royal Academy of Arts leaves a bus teetering precariously on the 7th floor of the hotel until the 18th of April to the delight (or distress) of onlookers…. we’re now hoping for a larger than life sculpture of a concerned looking Superman on a neighboring tower, but we’re not holding our breaths…

The Peninsula has agreed to turn its Grade 1 heritage building into a legendary canvas for Royal Academicians in a 3-year partnership that promises to fuse art and architecture, and the first man on the job, Richard Wilson, doesn’t disappoint.

Richard Wilson Hang on...

One of this generation’s leading contemporary artists, Wilson’s imagination has marked the art world with sculptures such as the “20:50” at the Saatchi gallery and the “Slipstream” in Heathrow airport, probably one of the most viewed artworks in the world (2,000,000 visitors a day… now that’s pressure).

An obsession for weaving art with architecture is the essence of Wilson’s body of work and the sculpture “hang on a minute lads…. i’ve got a great idea” commissioned from the De La Warr Pavillion is a larger than life entity that is sure to capture the eye and the imagination while it’s (barely) hanging up on the Peninsula’s 7th floor Sun Terrace.

Inspired by the classic heist movie “The Italian Job”, the sculpture is a playful and bold direction for The Peninsula Hong Kong and a clear statement of their ambition to remain in the thick of Hong Kong’s ever growing cultural scene.

We can’t wait to see more of what this three year collaboration will churn out but whoever comes next has got his work cut out for him. After all the bar is already quite high.

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