Hermès on Bond street reopened last week with a brand new upper floor and a design that reflects the pedigree of the French luxury brand. In line with the concept that a trip to their store is an integral part of the customer experience, Hermès have created a modern luxury living space that is well worth the visit whether you splash the cash on their wares or not.

Denis Montel, the artistic lead behind the store’s redesign, succeeded in working around the constraints that a grade 2 heritage building imposes, and thanks to him, Hermès has now practically doubled its retail space whilst successfully accenting all the details that mark the Time & Life building as historic.

The new upper floor is flooded with natural light from large French windows that give onto a tree lined courtyard and Henry Moore’s captivating sculpture of the “draped reclining figure” which had previously, never been on public display.

Hermés London

The building includes elements of luxury in every nook and cranny, including a Venetian staircase encrusted with Saint-Louis Crystal chips and a stunning home universe section designed to feel like an apartment.

Occupying a double height, 6-meter space and incorporating original listed marble, travertine and polished Peroba hardwood, the home universe section is arguably one of the finer examples of contemporary luxury design that the store has to offer and that’s a bold statement when you consider how elegant the rest of the space is.

Hermés London

The first floor of the store is dedicated to a plethora of Hermès items such as leather goods, shoes and of course, the equestrian corner, whilst the ground floor, is dedicated to the men’s section and the iconic scarves that the layman knows the company for.

Hermés London

If you popped in the store and were too busy ogling the design to check out what’s on display, here’s a trusty little link that should solve the problem.

Happy Shopping!

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