If the earth laughs in flowers then so does the Harrods…

Knightsbridge’s timeless luxury store takes the power of perfume back to its roots at the Harrods Fragrance Garden this May and based on what we’ve heard we can’t wait to enjoy a quiet stroll in it.

The fruit of a collaboration with The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and bespoke garden designer Sheena Seeks, the Fragrance Garden promises to be a fantasy wonderland where nature and technology merge to celebrate the importance of flowers in the fine art of perfume making, and we couldn’t agree more.

From poets to angry housewives, the scent of fresh blossoms captivates and soothes us, and even though we’re exposed to (and sometimes assaulted) by a plethora of smells everyday; stopping to enjoy the scent of a flower still feels special, so kudos to the RHS and Harrod’s for recognizing that the true timeless fragrance isn’t necessarily Chanel No 5.

Though flowers have been around since the dawn of time, the element used by Sheena Seeks to spice up the Harrods floral display is definitely not. The garden designer is set to infuse augmented reality into her work which can only be seen via a tablet or smartphone. This “more than meets the eye” effect promises to create an ethereal vista…. and a garden full of iPad toting visitors, but the fusion of technology and nature is at the core of the garden’s concept.

The transformation process of the flower is crucial to Seeks who described the chance to design the fragrance garden as “a fantastic opportunity, working with Harrods to create a truly innovative garden. Designing this garden has given me the freedom to explore the idea of the garden as a space where nature meets technology.”

The 19th century technique of “Enfleurage”, which captures the fragrance of flowers into wax before being used in perfume, will be represented via an elaborate display that places live damask trees, orange blossoms and lavender in oversized beakers until they emerge transformed into scented paper blossoms.

The folks over at Harrod’s are delighted with the concept as Deb Bee director of creative marketing at Harrods, stated: “We’re delighted to be exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the first time, in 2015. We are committed to giving our customers an innovative experience and creating a concept garden in collaboration with an award-winning designer is an ideal platform from which to do this.”

And why wouldn’t they, after all they’ve been providing London’s upper crust with the finest scents for over 100 years and we’re sure that their recently launched most expensive perfume in the world and their new “salon de parfum boutique” may have something to do with this new obsession with flowers (but hey we’re definitely not complaining).

Too bad the show wasn’t available for mothers day, but the Royal Horticultural Society has plenty of events lined up that you’re sure to enjoy. In the meantime, we’re off to find ourselves a bouquet.

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