The Peninsula Academy program has been a staple feature of the hotel chain since 1997 and allows guests to get up close with local culture and tradition via a series of carefully curated activities that celebrate the heritage and individuality of each destination.

The Peninsula Paris has been turning heads in the luxury hotel industry since last year but it had yet to receive a Peninsula Academy program to give it the extra touch that the chain’s fans have come to love. Well all that’s been solved with the launch of the Peninsula Academy program that showcases two activities aimed at the younger ones and is a herald of great things to come from this magnificent hotel.


Kids Candy Wonderland

Peninsula Academy Julien Alvarez

The Peninsula Paris in collaboration with its young pastry chef, Julien Alvarez, have prepared a Peninsula Academy moment which will definitely come in handy on mother’s or father’s day. The “fun with chocolate” program is a 3 hour culinary class taught by Julien Alvarez (Pastry World Cup Winner of 2011) that puts the young prodigy’s talent to the service of your little one’s and allows them to discover that the kitchen is a creative workshop right in their house. Your child will learn some simple yet tasty recipes based around the world of chocolate and pastries in a fun and engaging group activity that they can share with mummy and daddy later.

A Footballer’s Fantasy.

 PSG Kids

Here’s a great surprise for your kid, find a PSG player he likes, get in touch with the Peninsula Paris, take him to their “ultimate football dream!” program and smile from ear to ear when you hear him boasting about it with his friends. The Peninsula Paris is preparing an exclusive Peninsula Academy moment where your child will be able to spend half a day with the footballer of his/her choice. If they’re into PSG or football in general, we don’t think there’s a better gift out there for him or her.

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