The Peninsula Paris – The Biggest Hotel Opening of the Year


The Peninsula hotel chain marks 2014 with the year’s most exciting opening and they couldn’t have chosen a more fitting location. Ladies and gentleman, clink your glasses, tip your hats and get ready to welcome the Peninsula Paris.

We’ve got nothing against the French government, but there are much better uses for a building of the Kléber’s calibre than the ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Centre. Its worn-out look is a better indicator of austerity than anything being discussed within and denied without. So when rumor spreads that the words “Peninsula” and “Paris” were about to be combined on the avenue, there wasn’t much that could dampen our excitement… Well, the four-year wait nearly did, but, thank God, it’s practically over.

The Peninsula Paris - The Lobby

The folks from The Peninsula group revealed their vision of what a Parisian Palace ought to be by dusting off the ailing Kléber to reveal a 234 room masterpiece that is set to raise the standards of the Parisian hotel scene.
With a reported price tag of 338 million Euros, expectations were always going to be high, but, based on first impressions, the no holds barred approach has definitely paid off.

The Peninsula Paris Bedroom

Guests will have the luxury of choosing between six dining areas headed by executive chef Jean Edern Hurstel and the wine cellar is under the expert care of Xavier Thuizat. Though French gourmet dining is to be expected in a Parisian Palace, there is a sense of anticipation around what Hurstel’s team will produce after seeing his maverick-like performance in France’s latest edition of “Top Chef”.
We’re also impatiently tapping our chopsticks at the thought of dining in the “Lilli”, a restaurant which boasts one of the most impressive designs in the city of light, and fans of the Peninsula Tokyo will already be familiar with Chef Chi Keung Tang’s traditional cantonese delights.

In line with The Peninsula’s chain-wide technological revival, guests are given full control of every aspect of the suites and rooms via the simple and intuitive use of a touch screen tablet. Air conditioning, blinds, temperature, wall panels and the valet are all available via a tap and swipe.
Those who’ve still got their mind on work will be happy to note that all rooms come with a fully contained work environment including a scanner and fax machine and the welcome free WiFi and VOIP services.

The Peninsula Hotel Tablet

But even though those bells and whistles are great for our inner geek, the hotel’s true wow effect lies in its heritage and artistry.
Historical reservation is key to the hotel’s concept, and artisans that have carried out restoration work on icons such as Le Louvre have plied their trade on every nook and cranny of the “Belle Epoque” classic to make sure that every gilded leaf, wood panelling and stone facade is returned to mint condition. Lets see how the other palace’s will up their game to face off against this brand new contender in the European market.

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