Four Seasons launches a two pronged invasion of Russia with brand new hotels that’ll thaw any after effects of the cold war. Forget all political tension and controversy, this is Russia’s warmest invitation to the west yet, and it’s done with style and an unmistakable Russian touch.

Russia benefits from Four Season this year with the inclusion of the Lion Palace in St Petersburg and the Hotel Moscow in…..well, we’ll let you guess. Both hotels cement Four Seasons’ ability to recreate historical buildings into tech filled parlors of comfort and opulence and they both carry the hallmark of quality we’ve come to enjoy from this chain. So don’t worry about which one is best, the choice here is more like deciding whether you like your caviar plain or with cream.

The Four Seasons Hotel St Petersburg is well known for the marble lions guarding the steps at its entrance and Four Seasons have put the majestic beasts on display for the hotel’s next generation of visitors. If we really must start discerning between the two Four Season’s hotels, we’ll start right on those marble steps.

Four Seasons St Petersburg Staircase

Immortalized in Russian culture by Alexander Pushkin’s poem “The Bronze Horseman” the Lion Palace is part of Russia’s cultural scene. Its neighbors include the Hermitage museum and the Mariinsky theatre. It’s a stone’s throw away from the busy Nevksy Prospekt where some of Russia’s best nightlife and shops are on offer.

Hermitage Museum St Petersburg

Museum lovers need no introduction to the Hermitage. What started as Catherine the Great’s personal collection of 255 paintings is now an institution with the largest painting collection in the world, separated into four different buildings with dedicated sections for Egyptian, Italian, Spanish and prehistoric art amongst many others. The Mariinsky theatre’s recent $700 million renovation means that it is equipped to continue the tradition of excellence that has entertained the Russian high society for nearly 150 years now. Notable performance’s this year will be the 3 act ballet, Spartacus and the performance of Anna Karenin. If you’re a guest at the Lion Palace, the curtain call at the Mariinsky is not where the magic of Russia ends.

Four Seasons have gone to great lengths to recreate the authenticity of what made the former glory of the palace. They partnered with Russian heritage and planning authorities to achieve the authenticity of the locale and make it as successful as their Florence, Budapest and Milan projects. From what we’ve been hearing about the place, Four Seasons may just have pulled off the extraordinary once again.

The Fabergé egg inspired chandeliers, the main staircase leading to the first floor and the ceilings gold and bronze decoration are all authentic. Your terrace’s heated flooring panels, however, are not, and it’s subtle inclusion of technology such as this that makes the Four Seasons a master of the renovation game.

Four Seasons Hotel St Petersburg Restaurant

The Four Seasons Hotel Moscow will offer a slightly different flavor for guests when it opens later this year. Whilst the Lions Palace is located in Russia’s cultural scene, the Four Seasons Moscow puts your right in the heart of what makes Russia tick.

Four Seasons Moscow Front Facade

The Four Seasons Hotel Moscow places its guests close to the famous Red-square and offers views on the Duma, Kremlin and the multicolored domes of St Patrick’s cathedral.

Four Seasons Hotel Moscow
The hotel is faithful to original designer’s Alexei Shchusev’s work whilst giving guests all the technology that five stars are associated with. The hotel is located in a luxury shopping complex and offers 15,000 square feet of function space and two ballrooms for special events and business functions. The quality of the Four Seasons makes us sure that this will be Moscow’s locale of choice for special events when it opens.

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