The art of manliness or of the gentlemanly act has been watered down and despised to the point that holding the door open for your partner looks more macho than wearing a handlebar mustache and a wifebeater shirt.

The world is now an emasculating place. A world where we are forced to sit down quietly in a shoe store waiting for our partners to finish browsing as we stare forlornly at the guy opposite wearing his partner’s Dior handbag tucked under his arm.

But the most emasculating act of all, is the experience of a haircut at a unisex salon. It is something we go through alone and where we rarely feel at home. The smell of bleach and hair dyes fills the air while you force yourself to make small talk to a hairdresser who is bound to get your hair all wrong as she discusses last night’s dancing with the stars performance.

Where does a man go when faced with all this? how can he keep his head high and still call himself a man with a capital “M”. Well my friends, there is a place you can go, It is an oasis of testosterone and a shrine to male camaraderie, we are of course talking of, the barber shop.

The Barber shop is the male equivalent of a spa and sauna. The hemostat is set at the right level for testosterone to flow through the body unimpeded. Smells of shaving cream and cologne, discussions of manly interest and a feeling of kinship make you feel right at home as soon as you step through the door. Those who’ve experienced it know what we’re talking about and whether you’re a long time fan or an initiate we’re dedicating this blog post to one of the finest barber shop’s in the world which we are sure you will love.

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong has always been proud of its heritage and one of the finest elements of its legacy can be found in its private barber shop on the second floor. Its original 1960’s design and its experienced team make this place the real deal if you want to get a good feel of this time honored experience.
There, you can enjoy a good trim and shave in a private parlor, or simply enjoy a good conversation with other guests in the lounge. It feels like a gentleman’s club and a relaxation area rolled into one and the subtle injection of technology allows you to follow the latest scores or market trends right from the comfort of the leather-clad barber chair.

If you’re staying at the Mandarin Oriental Hong kong, do yourself a favor and try it out. You will have the feeling that there is still some value in manliness in this world.

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