Listen up all wannabe master chefs. If you’ve ever wondered what it must feel like to cook the perfect Mediterranean dish or simply achieve a good aldente pasta, then fear not; Chef Daniele Turco is here for those who want to perfect their skills and especially for those who think that a good fish and chips is the most gourmet dish that will ever come out of their kitchen.

The Gritti Epicurean School has just opened its doors at the Campo Santa Maria del Giglio and Meditarranean master Daniele Turco is about to teach you the right amount of spices to go in a Lamb Tagine. The courses offer a holistic approach to the Venetian cooking experience and aim at getting all bases covered including trips to the local market where you can get to smell, touch and taste fresh vegetables before chucking them in the pan.

Chef Turco’s motto is “to combine without ever covering up” and it’s a great way of giving you (or your guests) the chance of tasting Venetian cuisine mixed with some Sicilian, Turkish, Moroccan and Maltese influences. It’s a constant reminder of the summer, the Mediterranean and everything that’s exotic. Between half day lessons to more extensive ones, you’re spoilt for choice to learn and extend your culinary skills. With easy access to fresh vegetables and fruits at the local market, and Turco’s unique approach, get ready to cook up a storm once you get home.

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