Whether you think the prices of cafes and restaurants in Venice are standard fare or over the top, one venue where you just have to splash the cash and tickle your tastebuds is the Like most venues in the city, the cafe is absolutely seeped in history, and sipping on a cappuccino there is much more than simply getting your daily fix. The likes of Goethe, Casanova, Marcel Proust and Charles Dickens have enjoyed the beauty of its gilded interior and fine gourmet pastries, making the Florian not only an epicurean’s paradise but a seat of Italian culture and arts as well.

Even if the names cited above leave you nonplussed (and if they do, we seriously suggest you drop the xbox and pick up a book), the Cafe Florian is a remarkable experience with or without the historical connotations. The design is palatial and in harmony with the bustling and opulent Piazza San Marco. If you come in at the right time, you will be treated to the classical music of an orchestra that plays in the Piazza every day. There’s just no better way to end a day of sightseeing than to sip on a sweet Cafe Florian speciality, the “Casanova”, while enjoying those sweet tunes.

If ever you’re not in Venice at the moment but want to get a taste of the delights served at the Florian, you will be happy to know that the company has branched out and is available at Harrods in London or the Marina mall in Abu Dhabi and though everything there is of the finest quality, we’re sure they cannot surpass the original which has been winning the world’s sweet tooths for centuries now.

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