The 114 Faubourg Restaurant at Le Bristol Paris


The guys over at Michelin confirmed one year ago the Parisian Epicures’ fascination for the 114 at Le Bristol Paris by bestowing its first Michelin star upon it. We didn’t need their approval to believe that this was a top eat, but we’re happy that Eric Desbordes, Eric Frechon and Laurent Jeannin got the recognition they deserved.

The team’s formula for success is centered around the idea that elegance is simplicity, so in other words, it’s typical French fare, but it’s fast becoming among the best in class and one of the hottest brasserie in town. Restaurant director Patrice Jeanne and his team put in a good shift every evening to create a warm Parisian ambiance for diners. The brasserie offers a special treat for its diners on monday with a wine tasting session of Chef Sommelier Marco Pelletier’s finest selection, giving you an extra reason to dig your cutlery in the fine dishes of this restaurant.

King Crab Eggs - The 114 Faubourg

Bon appetit!

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