The “Chic”olate room goes high fashion


In an ode to decadence and a desire to show Willy Wonka how it’s done, the Four Seasons Hotel Milan has combined the art of the chocolatier and the world of fashion by turning their ever changing Chocolate Room into the “Chic”olate.

Pastry chef, or should we say artist, Johannes Walk, drew inspiration from the Milan fashion district to create an absolute masterpiece that is sure to have visitors in awe once again. The room is now adorned with fifteen two-metre-high displays of deliciously made fashion sketches and other features including bags, necklaces, stilettos and a full bust made of marvellously creamy chocolate (take that Willy Wonka!!) Most stunning of all is the life-size chocolate mannequin that, we are sure, is regularly inspected for bite marks.

Johannes Walk took over 100 hours to produce this jaw-dropping, mouth-watering piece of art, which we can’t help but feel is designed for the ladies. Whatever the target audience, the Four Seasons Milan has once again revamped its wow factor and deserves a round of applause for the sheer innovation it never fails to deliver. We’re already excited about what they’re going to pull out next.

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