The Chedi Andermatt has opened its doors to those who like to enjoy the finer things in life after a good day out on the powder. If the name is giving you pause, that’s because this masterpiece is the brainchild of Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris and created on behalf of the General Hotel Management Ltd. The Chedi brings a piece of Asian luxury to the freezing Alps. If you’re willing to approach it with an open mind, it’s sure to win you over and warm you up as much as a good swiss fondue and hot chocolate ought to.

As expected, the place is impressive, but what’s even more breathtaking is the way the hotel seamlessly merges with the Urseren valley making the Chedi Andermatt a drop of luxury clad with warm wood and stone, in a valley of white. Quite surprising when we’re used to seeing the Chedi group in more sun filled locations such as Oman and Thailand. This counterpoint to their usual style might just be their best yet.

The Chedi Andermatt aims to add luxury to every aspect of the skiing experience. Of course, biting the powder after a bad fall will be as unglamorous as ever, but what happens before, brings an unparalleled touch of class to this sport. Sip on some warm tea while an attendant gets your skiing equipment ready for you and is even nice enough to pack it in the car or ski lift for you. If you’ve got the wallet for it, the Chedi Andermatt allows you to dispense with the sweaty ski shops that most people have to deal with. There are plans for an upcoming lift that will take residents straight to the hotel’s back yard.

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The Chedi Andermatt Interior Design Deluxe Room Indoor Swimming Pool Indoor Swimming Pool Main Dining Room

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