The St Regis New York $100 Million Renovation



The St Regis joins the ranks of hotels who recognize that the faces in their halls are only getting younger, and are thus shedding their image of old fashioned luxury with a multi-million dollar renovation that’ll bring millennials’ flocking in faster than the purists can click their tongues.

Well not totally, this is the St Regis after all, so it’s still got the style and charm that it’s famous for, but it’s definitely looking sexier to the younger crowd; just admire the Armani clad butlers and the plans for the upcoming Technogym if you’re in doubt.

They made sure to get the Big Apple’s epicures raving by putting John DeLucie at the helm of the King Cole Bar revamp. So we’re expecting some pretty innovative stuff in our plates with a contemporary take on American cuisine and an honest reflection of New York’s cosmopolitan culture; or just something plain new to add in their trophy cabinet next to their original Bloody Mary recipe.

Regardless of the food, the bar’s facelift is stunning. The subdued chestnut lighting helps everyone look good and is conducive to conversation while the brand new black granite topped bar oozes class. Another subtle but dramatic change is the infusion of music into the atmosphere. Forgoing the classic DJ set up, the St Regis have hired the services of music stylists to compliment the clinging of plates and glasses, and the effect is the cherry on the cake on what is set to become one of New York’s best renovations yet.

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